Secure Professional Shredding Services for Manhattan, New York City, Long Island, Westchester and New Jersey

On-Going Shredding for Business

Scheduled shredding services to meet your firm’s need to regularly destroy files at your location for you to witness.

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One Time Shredding for Business

One time shredding services at your location when you call us. Next day service available.

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Residential Shredding

We offer shredding services that comes to your home.

Monday – Saturday You Choose the Day.

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Hard Drive Destruction

Protect your confidential information with hard drive destruction.

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Shredding Services Where & When You Want It

Time Shred Services Offers On-site Document Destruction To Destroy Your Confidential Papers At Your Location On The Day You Prefer.


Call Today To Shred As Soon As Tomorrow!

We Offer Business & Residential Customers Next Day Document Destruction Monday -Saturday!

Time Shred Services is a locally owned Document Destruction company near you that services Manhattan, New York City, Long Island, Westchester, and New Jersey with a state of the art mobile shredding fleet with the highest capacity shredders in the industry. Our paper shredding trucks bring 6,000 pounds of document shredding power per hour to your location.

Make Sure You Use A NAID AAA Certified Shredding Company

We are an AAA Certified member of NAID, The National Association of Information Destruction, which is the only organization dedicated to the information destruction industry that requires adherence to a strict code of conduct. The AAA Certification means our training, hiring, and service practices are so secure and highly regarded that Time Shred Services Inc. has reached the pinnacle of the document destruction industry and meets the requirements of all privacy laws.

We Are The Shredding Experts

Time Shred are the experts in their field and have years of experience with the secure destruction of confidential records.  You will benefit from that experience because you will be getting advice that is built on years of servicing individuals and all types of businesses and organizations. That means better options and better service for you.

Shredding Experts Have Better Solutions

Because we have dealt with many different document destruction situations, we can draw on that knowledge to help you.  If your documents are in a limited access location, we can work around that.  We have completed megaprojects with millions of documents.  We have been able to complete paper shredding projects when our clients have time constraints.  Whatever your unique shredding situation is we can come up with a solution for you.

How We Analyze Your Document Destruction Needs

Every customer has a distinctive situation when it comes to destroying private papers.  Time Shred understands this and knows the right questions to ask to get a complete picture of your document destruction project.  Whether you want to do a one-time purge of records or you should implement an ongoing shredding program, we will be able to access your situation and customize a shredding solution for you.

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