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We are GREEN!

Environmentally Friendly and Zero Landfill Impact Document Shredding Services.
Time Shred Services provides only GREEN Environmentally Friendly document shredding services.

Begin making a positive impact on the environment with Time Shred Services!

Paper shredding is important to businesses, organizations and individuals to protect their personal and private information, but why not do it in an environmentally-responsible way?

You can’t just throw away confidential information; it’s not secure, and it could be against the law if any of those documents have personal information on them. Confidential information includes financial statements, invoices, credit card receipts, bank statements, customer account details, social security numbers and other personal information that should remain confidential.

Let us help you protect your information by providing secure document shredding on-site at your office or home.

Time Shred Services is a NAID AAA Certified, licensed and bonded document destruction company, and we adhere to the highest standards in the shredding industry. Our services meet or exceed all government laws and regulations that govern the proper destruction and disposal of private information.

We Recycle: 100% of the paper we shred gets recycled!

When you choose Time Shred Services for your shredding needs, you are not only getting a superior document shredding service, but you will also be partnering with a company whose philosophy it is to value and protect the environment now and in the future. We help protect your privacy while creating a reusable resource, recycled paper products that will save trees.

Recycling one ton of paper saves 17 mature trees, 7,000 gallons of water, 3 cubic yards of landfill space, two barrels of oil and 4,100 kilowatt-hours of electricity.

We make it easy and come to your office or home to provide Green One-Time Shredding and Recurring Shredding Services. Whatever your needs are, we will develop a shredding program that works for you and benefits the environments.


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17 mature trees

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7,000 gal of water

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3 cu yards of landfill space

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2 barrels of oil

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4,100 kWh of electricity

We come to your office or home to provide all shredding services. We provide One-Time Shredding and reoccurring Scheduled Shredding Services. We will develop a shredding program that meets your needs.

On-Going Shredding for Business

Scheduled shredding services to meet your firm’s need to regularly destroy files at your location for you to witness.

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One Time Shredding for Business

One time shredding services at your location when you call us. Next day service available.

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Residential Shredding

We offer shredding services that comes to your home.

Monday – Saturday You Choose the Day.

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Hard Drive Destruction

Protect your confidential information with hard drive destruction.

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We are a AAA Certified member of NAID, The National Association of Information Destruction, which is the only organization dedicated to the information destruction industry that requires adherence to a strict code of conduct.

The AAA Certification means our training, hiring and service practices are so highly regarded that Time Shred Services Inc. has reached the pinnacle of the document destruction industry.

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