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Shredding Services Near Me

Shredding Services Near Me

Time Shred Services provides Secure Professional Shredding Services for businesses and residents in Manhattan, New York City, Long Island, Westchester, and New Jersey.

We are a leading document destruction company providing one-time document destruction, ongoing scheduled office shredding programs, residential paper shredding, hard-drive destruction, and community shredding events.

Our Document Shredding Services are reliable and secure. We provide locked containers ensuring the documents remain safe and secure until they are destroyed on your service date.

We offer document shredding services for every need.

One-time File Destruction–  It is document destruction only when you call for it. So if it is time for your annual file purge, you need to make room in your file cabinets or you are finally getting rid of those old documents that have been taking up space in your office or at a storage facility for years then call us for a one-time document destruction service.

Scheduled Office Shredding Programs– We provide security containers to be kept in your office so you can dispose of your documents in them instead of the wastebaskets with the regular trash. We provide secure containers to make them convenient for your staff to use. Once you schedule a pickup we come to shred your documents.

Residential Shredding – When you want to reduce the personal papers you have at home it is important to have them shredded so your information does not get stolen.  Just putting those old documents in the trash or a recycle bin is inviting trouble.  Our on-site residential shredding service will come to your home so all those papers can be destroyed and you never have to worry.  It is convenient because we come to you and we are available six days a week.

Community Shredding Events –  We can help you promote your business, say thank you to clients, and collect donations with our popular shredding events.  We come to an easy-access location like a parking lot with one of our shredding trucks and our helpful staff and you invite attendees.  They bring their documents and we shred them.  It is a very popular way to create goodwill.

Hard Drive Destruction – When a computer is being replaced you should remove the hard drive and have it physically destroyed to prevent anyone from accessing any of the information being stored on it.  Deleting files is not enough, you need to have the hard drive shredded or crushed to be sure.  We offer on-site hard drive destruction.

We ensure your information remains confidential from the first day of collection to the final pieces of shredded documents.

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