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Shredding Process

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Don’t worry about shredding your confidential papers we make it easy.  We are a local company that comes to your office or home Monday through Saturday to destroy your files.

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With just one call you can discuss your document destruction needs with one of our experienced staff that can answer all of your questions and explain to you the different service options we offer so you can make an educated decision.  During the same call, we give you a quote for the option you have decided on and then schedule your appointment for the day that is best for you.  Since we work six days a week it will be easy to make an appointment that works for you.

We’ll Come To You So Can Witness The Shredding Of Your Documents

We actually come to our customer’s locations to destroy their private records.  We can do this because we have a fleet of paper destruction trucks that we send to your Cliffside Park NJ home or business location and all your confidential records are shredded there.  When we get there on the scheduled date just show our helpful techs what files you would like destroyed.  We will then place your papers in a bin that holds 300 pounds and it will be locked so your info can be protected and taken to our truck.  At the truck, a computerized system will raise the bin and empty your files into the shredder and they are destroyed.  You will also be able to see your records being destroyed on a viewing screen on the side of the truck.

Corporate File Destruction Options

One-time Shredding – So your office is full of old files and you really need to do something about it.  Our one-time purge service is here to come to the rescue.  Any occasional need to eliminate business records can be accommodated with our one-time option.  It allows you to call anytime or however often you need to shred company documents.  Just give us a call and we can be there as soon as tomorrow.   

Scheduled Shredding – Take a walk around your office and look in all the wastebaskets you may be surprised to find that many of them have paper records in them.  That is a no-no.  You can’t just toss documents in the trash they need to be shredded to be compliant with federal and state privacy laws.  So how do you do that without it becoming an additional task for your busy employees?  The answer is our scheduled service.  We make it east because we supply your office with bins and consoles to dispose of all papers in instead of wastebaskets.  These security containers remain locked at all times and all you have to do is deposit papers in them when necessary.  Our staff will come to your office on a repeating schedule to remove and shred the documents.  Your schedule can be weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks or monthly.

Shredding for Local Residents

Why worry about dropping your personal papers off at some location to have them destroyed when we can come to your home with our onsite residential shredding service and do it for you there.  No kidding our powerful trucks will come to your house or apartment any date you want Monday through Saturday and shred your private files right in front of you.  It is the most convenient and secure way for you to eliminate those old tax returns, pay stubs, monthly bills, or any other documents you don’t need anymore at home.

Why Choose Time Shred Services

We are a local document destruction service that lives and works in the communities we serve.  We are not a national company where you are just a number.  We are local people that know the area and listen to the individual needs of each of our clients.  We want to make sure you are satisfied with our service so you will use us again the next time you need our service and be happy to recommend us to others.

Hard Drive Destruction

Have an old computer you don’t use anymore you need to remove the hard drive and have it destroyed.  One hard drive can store a tremendous amount of information about everything you have done on that computer.  Erasing or hitting the delete button that is not enough the information still remains on the hard drive.  The only true way to eliminate that information is to physically destroy the hard drive.  Our on-site hard drive destruction service will destroy your hard drive so the information will never be accessed again.

Time Shred Services is a local onsite shredding and hard drive destruction service that provides information destruction to the businesses and residents located in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Queens, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Westchester, and New Jersey.  For more information or to schedule an appointment right away gives us a call.