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Have your ever stopped to consider just how much paperwork you may have lying around in your place of business or home? Do you mistakenly just throw documents in the trash?  Is all your documents safe and secure even when it is time to dispose of them? Probably not. There are credit card statements, personal records, financial data, and receipts and intellectual property that you would never hand over to anyone else, so why would you just allow them to be thrown away where anyone could have access to them.  It’s time to think about a professional mobile shredding services to securely shred all of your documents when they are no longer needed. It’s time to call Time Shred Services, Brookdale NJ’s choice for paper shredding services.

Mobile Shredding Services in Essex County, NJ

There’s a reason that many Essex County residents and businesses chooses Time Shred for their mobile shredding services. We like to think that it’s our excellent reputation for protecting your private information. We go above and beyond to secure your information against getting into the wrong hands. That’s why we take so many precautions to handle the destruction of your documents.

Precautions in Shredding Your Documents

The first precaution we take is to choose the right shredding technician. You don’t want turn over your private documents to just anyone, and we don’t trust just anyone to represent Time Shred. Every shredding technician we employ has undergone background checks, drug tests, and they’ve all signed confidentiality agreements that are binding and secure to protect you. Only then is when they receive the coveted uniform and photo ID, proof that they’ve passed the checks and training needed to destroy your information.

The next precaution we use is to only work with the best equipment. We’ve spared no expense in fitting our fleet with the most advanced technology we can get in shredding services. The trucks can handle up to 6000 pounds of paper per hour, which allows us to service any size business, from the small home business to the fortune 500.

When it’s time to shred your documents they are placed into a secure shredding bin and it is locked. Each shredding bin holds approximately 300 pounds of documents.  The locked bin is never left unattended and is then taken to the shredding truck waiting outside.  The bin is then emptied directly into the shredder and your documents are completely shredded.  A monitor on the side of the truck allows you to witness the shredding of your documents as it happens.  No other shredding option is  more secure and complete than onsite paper shredding with Time Shred Services.

Recognized Shredding Excellence

The National Association of Information Destruction, or NAID, has awarded Time Shred with the AAA Certification. It’s the highest possible certification for a company in the document destruction industry, and we received this certification because of our exceeding the strict standards laid out by the association. That certification means a lot to us, but it’s not as important as satisfying our clients each and every time we complete a shredding job.

Contact Time Shred today to speak to our professional shredding experts to discuss your document shredding porject and any concerns you may have. Even over the phone, we can quote you a price based on the volume of your project. That price per shredding container is our guaranteed final price so you’re never surprised at the end with hidden fees, you just pay for the number of shredding containers shredded. Contact Time Shred today and protect yourself or a  business against theft and disaster with a mobile shredding service at your Brookdale NJ location.