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Shred Tomorrow or Any Day You Want Monday to Saturday

Professional document destruction where and when you need it is just one telephone call away if you call Time Shred Services.  We can come to your Doddtown NJ home or office to shred your private papers there six days a week

Make Your Paper Shredding Appointment

We make planning your mobile shredding service very simple, just give us a call.  We will go over or different services with you and help you pick the right one for you.  Then we will give you a quote that is very fair and you can trust that we won’t surprise you with any additional fees or surcharges.  Since we work six days a week just let us know what day you would like your appointment.

Put Your Mind at Ease With On-Site Shredding

Unlike some other shredding services out there, Time Shred specializes in mobile document destruction, which means that we come to your Doddtown NJ home or office when you need files destroyed. No hauling pounds of sensitive information to a mailbox retail location or office supply store, only to leave it in the hands of strangers and be unsure of whether it ever gets shredded…or not. At Time Shred, you simply contact us to set up an appointment and one of our trained technicians will arrive at the agreed-upon time slot in one of our state-of-the-art shredding trucks.  Your papers will be destroyed and you will be able to witness it happening.

Our Document Destruction Services in Doddtown NJ

One-time Shredding & Purge Service of Business Records

Shred once or just a few times with our one-time service that lets you decide when to have your business records destroyed.  It’s the option that is ready anytime you want to reduce paper clutter in your Doddtown NJ office or eliminate some of those boxes of files you have in storage.

Scheduled Shredding for Offices

Remember when you thought at some point you were going to be paperless in your office.  Like most Doddtown NJ companies, you can’t get away from paper.  So when you discard some of those papers you need a secure way to do that.  Our scheduled service makes it easy.  We place our security containers in your office to deposit all records for destruction.  We arrive at your office on a regular schedule to service the containers and shred the documents then we’ll see you again on your next service date.  Have your schedule on a daily to monthly basis.

Residential Shredding 

Every resident of Doddtown NJ has documents at home with their private information.  When it is time to dispose of those personal papers they need to be shredded so your information is no longer accessible.  If these sensitive documents fell into the wrong hands, just imagine what could happen. It could easily spell disaster for your personal finances. Fortunately, our residential shredding service will come to your home and destroy your files so that doesn’t happen.  We shred for our residential customers from Monday to Saturday.

Make Sure Your Shredding Company is AAA Certified

As a AAA Certified company with The National Association of Information Destruction, Time Shred prides itself on the fact that it has surpassed the strictest standards in the industry for security and professionalism.  By hiring a AAA Certified Company you can be confident that your confidential papers are being handled in the securest way possible.  Not all companies are AAA Certified.

Simply contact our document shredding team today to learn more about our business and residential document destruction services, and to schedule your first shredding appointment today!