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Business & Residential Shredding In East Orange NJ

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We Shred at Your East Orange NJ Location Monday to Saturday 

No matter how digital the world gets, people still work with paper records and they need a secure way to dispose of it.  Give Time Shred a call and we will help you eliminate those confidential files with our onsite document destruction service.  We take care of the shredding needs for both residential and commercial clients in East Orange, NJ with just one call to our helpful staff.  So whether you need us just once or on an ongoing basis we can help you.

One Call Gets You A Quote And Appointment

We actually answer our phones not some recording or a call center in another country.  Our experienced staff will walk your through the whole process.  We will start by helping you choose the right document destruction service for you.  Then we will give you a quote that provides all the costs upfront.  The final step is to set up your appointment fore any day you want Monday through Saturday.

Your Mobile Shredding Options in East Orange NJ

One-time Shredding for Businesses

Secure disposal of business records is important no matter how often you need it.  We are happy to service any document destruction need regardless of how often or wherever you need us in East Orange NJ.   Many of customers call periodically during the year and others call on once every year or two.  Our onetime service is available anytime you need it so just call us to set up an appointment when you are ready for it.

Scheduled Shredding for Any Size Office

Laws and regulations affect every business.   You need to be aware of the privacy regulations that have stiff penalties and fines for non-compliance with the secure disposal of private information.  More than half of every piece of paper that you deal with at work has information on them that requires they be shredded when you want to discard them.  The safest plan is to destroy everything.  Our scheduled service makes it easy for you to be compliant.  Your office will be provided with our locked bins and consoles.  We will supply enough containers so all of your staff will be able to use them within close proximity to their work area.   All papers from then on will be disposed of in the security containers so they will be stored safely until they are destroyed.  Our staff will come to your business location on a regular schedule to empty and shred the contents of each container.  Schedules can be daily to monthly or any consistent schedule in between.

Residential Shredding You Can Trust

Your personal information is dangerous if an identity thief gets their hands on it.  You need a process to safely discard your personal papers that you can trust.  Our onsite residential shredding service is the answer.   We come to your home with one of our industrial shredding trucks and all of your files are destroyed just outside your residence as you witness the entire process.  It the most secure and convenient way for you to eliminate your individual records because everything is destroyed before we leave and you are seeing it as it happens.  Out at home service is available Monday through Saturday.

Why Time Shred 

Time Shred is a document shredding company in East Orange, New Jersey which offers mobile document shredding for individuals and businesses. Equipped with a fleet of heavy-duty, high-capacity shredding trucks, Time Shred brings professional shredding services to your East Orange, NJ home or business location. This approach has several big benefits:

  • We Are A Local Company.   We are locally owned and operated so you’re not just a number with us
  • Convenience. The main benefit of Time Shred’s services is that they are convenient. No more taking your documents to an office supply store or post office box retailer to have them destroyed. Instead, you simply make a single phone call to the Time Shred team, and a trained shredding technician will arrive at your door – uniform and all! Once you’ve pointed out the documents you want to be shredded, the shredding technician will move them in a locked shredding bin to the shredding truck, where you can watch them being destroyed with our unique and advanced built-in monitor. It’s fast, and it saves you time and money on your document shredding needs.
  • Security. We take security seriously here, which is exactly why we are AAA Certified with The National Association of Information Destruction. Beyond that, all of our shredding technicians are trained, vetted, background checked, and drug tested. These things combine to create a safe and secure experience you can rely on.
  • High-volume capability. Imagine how long it would take you to shred 6,000 lbs. of documents by hand. At Time Shred, our unique shredding trucks can handle that level of documents in a single hour. This allows us to handle high-volume shredding quickly and easily, which frees you up to focus on more important things!

Why You Need Shredding Services

There are copies of client files, drivers’ licenses, social security cards, medical records, bank statements, receipts, and insurance records, just to name a few. Once you no longer need these things, though, what do you do with them?  If you answered “throw them in the trash,” you might be placing yourself or your company at risk of identity theft and financial ruin.  Here’s why: the trash isn’t a secure place. Even after the trash bag has left your home or office it’s fair game for anyone who wants to pick through it. In fact, many states have laws that make trash on a public street curb public property, which means that anyone passing by could nab your personal information and it would be legal. Terrifying, isn’t it? This is just one of the many reasons you need professional document shredding services to help you keep your sensitive information safe and secure.

No Job is Too Large or Too Small 

Don’t worry if you have one box or files to destroy or thousands of boxes of records the shred we gladly handle any size project.  Our fleet of powerful shredding trucks can destroy 6,000 pounds of paper per hour so we can quickly and efficiently take care of any size job.

When you have personal documents or business records that need to be shredded, give our customer service team a call. Your document destruction experts in the East Orange, NJ and Essex County areas, Time Shred offers secure, expert, quality assistance for all your shredding needs. Contact the team today to learn more and make an appointment!