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Residential & Business Shredding Services in Glen Ridge NJ

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We Could Have You Shredding Tomorrow in Glen Ridge NJ

Keep your private information safe with document shredding in Glen Ridge, NJ with Time Shred Services.  We can be at your home or office tomorrow or any date Monday to Saturday to destroy your papers records there.  Just give us a call to make your on-site appointment.

Let’s Get Your On-Site Appointment Scheduled

We understand that making the secure destruction easy to order and convenient have done is what all of our customers are looking for.  So getting a quote and making an appointment can be accomplished with just one telephone call.  Our experienced and helpful staff are standing by to take your phone call and explain our one-time and ongoing services.  Then after you make a decision we can give you pricing and book your appointment for any date Monday to Saturday.

Time Shred’s Transparent Pricing

There’s nothing worse than being hit with a surprise fee or surcharge. At Time Shred, we’ve made it our mission to avoid this in our company. Instead, we provide you with all the costs upfront which you will find very straightforward and affordable.

 Mobile Document Destruction, The Most Secure Option

Time Shred offers something unique – onsite document shredding when you want it. This means that, when you contact our offices and schedule an appointment, we will show up at your Glen Ridge NJ home or business in one of our state-of-the-art paper destruction trucks. Each technician we employ wears a uniform and presents a company photo ID when he or she arrives to shred your records, so you can always be sure that you’re working with a certified Time Shred professional.  Once you’ve indicated the papers that need to be destroyed, our technicians will do all the work under your direction. They’ll transfer the documents into a secure bin on wheels and lock it before rolling it to our on-site unit. Once there, an automated system will lift the bin into our truck and your papers are dumped directly into the shredder and destroyed. If you want, you can even watch the whole process on the truck’s external monitor!

 Document Destruction Options in Glen Ridge NJ

One-time Document Destruction of Business Files

This option is ready anytime you are.  We can come to your Glen Ridge NJ office or any location where you store files and shred them there just once or as often as you would like.  Our one-time service is great for any time you would like to purge business records.

Scheduled Shredding for Any Size Office

The simple step of just throwing away a piece of paper in your office can spell disaster if it goes into a regular wastebasket.  Any disposal of documents that are not done in a secure manner is in violation of privacy regulations.  We can make you compliant with our ongoing service.  We supply our locked bins and consoles so any time you discard papers you are placing them in a secure container.  We will come to your Glen Ridge NJ office on a recurring basis to empty and shred all the documents from each container.  We can be there daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.  Custom schedules are also available.

 Residential Shredding Services 

 While some residents of Glen Ridge NJ think a document that’s been thrown in the trash or a recycle bin is gone for good, it’s easy for ill-intentioned people to get their hands on your personal and private information once it hits the curb or is thrown in a dumpster.   Protect yourself with our residential shredding service.  We come to your home with one of our commercial shredders to destroy your personal papers right in front of you.  Our onsite service is available every day but Sunday.

If you’re curious about what it might cost to have your unwanted documents shredded, contact our document shredding team today!