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Document Destruction in Livingston, NJ Monday through Saturday.

Document shredding requires more than just putting your documents in a shredder.  It has to be the service you need when you need it.  Time Shred give you just that, shredding services built around your needs.

Need to get your documents shredded within and around Livingston NJ?  The security of your private information is of the utmost importance even when it is time to dispose of them.  If documents are just thrown into trash cans thieves can easily go in to your garbage or recycling bin and steal sensitive materials that can compromise your company and your identity. Residents and businesses in Livingston NJ need to shred their documents before they are disposed of by a professional and trusted shredding service, Time Shred Services.  Shredding prevents unauthorized access to your sensitive information. Our mobile shredding services come to your home or office.

It’s East to Start Shredding

All it takes is one telephone call to Time Shred Services.  Our helpful staff is waiting to assist you by answering your questions, explaining our shredding services so you can decide on the right shredding service for you.  Then on the same call we can give you a quote and schedule your paper shredding service.

One-time or Ongoing Shredding

One-time shredding services are for those customers that have an occasional document shredding need.   Our onetime shredding service is paper shredding only when you need it.  Our ongoing document destruction service is for clients that need to shred documents on a regular basis.  We will work with you to determine the frequency.

The Highest Standards in the Industry

The company you choose to shred your documents should be able to demonstarte that they offer the securest shredding services available.  The only way to do this is by being a AAA Certified document shredding company certified by The National Association of Information Destruction which is the gioverning body that sets the standards for the document shredding industry.   Time Shred Services is a AAA Certified document shredding company.

The Process of Document Shredding

Once you determine what documents need to be shredded, you can call us at Time Shred to book next day service to your home or office. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time client or a long-time customer, if you have one box to shred or thousands, if you call today you can be shredding tomorrow and in some cases we can shred your documents the same day.  We offer paper shredding services  Monday through Saturday.

When we arrive at your Livingston NJ home or office our uniformed shredding technician with photo ID introduce himself. We maintain a strict background check, drug-tested, and confidential staff that are experienced in how to shred your documents.

After introducing themselves, they will take all your documents to the mobile shredding truck, where they will invite you to supervise all their efforts. Your documents are loaded into a locked bin where they can no longer be accessed. The locked bins are brought to the paper shredding truck where the bin is lifted into the shredding truck and your documents are emptied into our commercial shredder. Our efficient shredding truck can handle up 6000 pounds of paper per hour because we use the most highly advanced technology available today.

All of this is done under your supervision, and you can even watch your personal documents being shredded with camera system on all of document destruction trucks. The shredded documents are then taken away to be recycled into other paper products.

So no matter how much paperwork you need to destroy, give us a call today. Our mobile shredding trucks are waiting to shred documents in Livingston, and we’re ready to give you our best. Call us today to speak to a our helpful staff about your shredding needs.