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Residential & Business Shredding Services in Millburn NJ

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Are you trying to securely dispose of personal or business documents? You can have it done at your Millburn NJ location tomorrow or any day you want Monday to Saturday.  Just give Time Shred a call and we can give you a quote and appointment right over the phone.

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Give us a call and speak to one of our friendly and helpful shredding professionals. We’ll discuss your shredding needs and we can have the right shredding service at your door in Millburn NJ tomorrow, maybe even today. Be confident that your documents are in the hands of an expert by calling Time Shred, New Jersey’s best mobile shredding service.

Mobile Shredding Service for Millburn NJ

In New Jersey, there are several office supply stores and mailbox retailers that offer document destruction services, but that require you to have to pack up the documents, deliver them to their premises only to have them sit in a container out of your sight to be destroyed at an undetermined time by some outsourced vendor. Nothing is more secure than having our mobile shredding truck come right to your Millburn NJ door to securely destroy your documents right in front of you.  Your documents are moved from your site in one of our locked bins directly to our truck and immediately shredded.  No other method is more secure and convenient.

Our Document Destruction Services for Millburn NJ

Purge or One-Time Shredding Services for Businesses

When you are ready to shred some of those old business records we’re ready.  Our one-time service is the option that lets you have your Millburn NJ company files shredded anytime and as often as you would like.  We can come for a single file purge or a few times a year when you have accumulated documents you want to be destroyed.  We are available to destroy your files when and where you want it done.

Ongoing or Scheduled Shredding Plans

If you are like most companies you deal with a lot of paper every day.  That means you are throwing away a lot of documents every day.   That also means you need a secure process to do that to be compliant with privacy laws.  We can help you with that.  We place our locked bins and consoles in your Millburn NJ office so from now on all documents are discarded in one of our secure containers.  We will empty and shred the deposited papers on a consistent schedule that can be daily to monthly.  Custom schedules are also available.

Residential Shredding

We can also come to your home to shred personal documents.  Our residential shredding service is perfect anytime you want to dispose of some of those old tax returns, pay stubs, bank statements, medical records, or any other documents that have private information on them.  One of our industrial shredding trucks pulls up to your Millburn NJ home and you can witness all the papers you no longer need to be destroyed.  It’s convenient and available Monday through Saturday.

We Service Any Size Paper Destruction Project

We can shred one box to a warehouse full of documents, no shredding job is too big or too small. Don’t let the size of your shredding project be a hindrance to having your documents professionally destroyed. Our mobile trucks can handle up to 6000 pounds of paper every hour. That speed is only available with the advanced technology on all of our mobile units, one of the best in New Jersey. You can book a one-time service for some documents to shred or you can schedule a recurring service on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Don’t let your documents build up over time. To be certain that nothing goes astray; shred everything to be certain you and your information are protected.

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