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Do you want secure shredding services to come right to your front door? You can with Time Shred Services.

Would you trust your business to anybody? Would you hand the keys over to a stranger in the street? Of course not. So why would anybody trust their secure document shredding to a personal shredder or a local office supply store? Your information is too precious and too dangerous to be left with just anybody. Trust the experts at Time Shred to handle all your secure document shredding needs in New Jersey.

What You Should Know

Document shredding is our focus and our specialty. New Jersey’s finest mobile shredding service is now available in North Caldwell to the businesses and residents that value their privacy and security. We operate a fleet of mobile shredding trucks that come right to your door to service your paper shredding needs.

Call us today to speak with one of our shredding experts about your shredding needs. We have trained staff ready to speak to you about how small or large your job is. Don’t worry if we can handle your work or not. We’re able to handle thousands of boxes of documents or just one. We charge per shredding container and we will give you an estimate for the work before we even begin.

The secure shredding service is done under your close supervision. Our trained shredding technicians come to your door, identified by their badges and uniforms. We drug test, background check and require them to sigh confidentiality agreements to secure your information.

As we load up your paperwork into our shredding bins that will be locked, we bring them to the truck and your documents are emptied directly into the shredder. The state-of-the-art paper shredding truck then does the rest.  All shredding trucks are equipped with a camera system that has a monitor on the side of the shredding truck so you can watch your paperwork get shredded as it happens. Everything is done in the open and right in front of you to keep you informed during the whole process.

What You Should Do

If you have documents lying around, they present a very real and present threat to the security of your business or personally such as financial records, medical records, trade secrets and company data can all be used against you if you don’t destroy them properly. If you have a onc-time shredding to do, or you need to schedule a heavy workload every week to shred, we’ve got you covered.

After determining your shredding needs, we’ll quote you the price for the work, beginning to end, no surprises along the way. You can hold us to that price because we quote per bin. Big or small, our clients get the same secure document destruction service.

Now that you’ve made the call, you rest in the security that your precious data and documents are safe from theft or loss. Don’t trust this valuable resource to just anybody. Leave it in the hands of a AAA Certified shredding business hat continues to exceed all the standards laid out by the National Association for Information Destruction.

Call us today and we can have a truck at your door as early as tomorrow in North Caldwell NJ. Always leave your business in the hands of experts.