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Residential & Business Paper Shredding in North Center NJ

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Onsite Document Destruction Monday through Saturday

It doesn’t make sense to continue to keep documents you don’t need anymore.  Shred them easily with Time Shred Services on the day you want Monday to Saturday.

Call for your Mobile Shredding Appointment

Whether you have a business, a home office, or are a resident in North Center NJ, we can give you a quote and set up your appointment right away. Give us a call so we can explain our purge and scheduled services so you can choose the best one for you.  We strive to make paper shredding quick, easy, and efficient. From explaining our shredding services to providing you with an accurate estimate for your document destruction needs, we do it all. We shred six days a week so we can always be your trusted resource for mobile paper destruction!

Your On-Site Paper Destruction Service: What to Expect

Don’t worry about gathering all your documents for transport – when you book an appointment with us, we will come to you. We are happy to work around your busy schedule and help you get the right time set up for your shredding needs. Our skilled technicians will arrive at your NJ location in company uniforms and with picture identification.  At this point, you will direct our technicians and they will handle the rest. They will take whichever documents you need to be destroyed out to our truck in a locked bin. The commercial shredder inside our truck will destroy your documents, ensuring that sensitive information on them can never be recovered. You can even watch the entire process via a CCTV monitor on the truck!

Why is the Destruction of Company Records Necessary for Your Business

Your firm has an ethical responsibility to protect your client’s information and legal requirements to securely dispose of documents with state and federal privacy laws and we provide great options to get that done.

One-Time File Destruction – If you have any amount of paper in your office or storage facility you no longer need, you may think that trashing it is the best option because you dispose of papers so infrequently. But chances are, at least half of these documents have confidential data on them. To be on the safe side, have our professional purge services take care of it for you.  We are available anytime you need us.  Call us once our just a few times a year we are always happy to help.

Scheduled Service for Companies – Paper is here to stay and if you are one of those companies that deal with a lot of documents you need an ongoing program to dispose of those papers on a regular basis.  Our scheduled service has us come to your office on a consistent basis to destroy files.  Just place all the papers for destruction in the locked bins and consoles we provide.  We will come to your business location on an ongoing schedule that can be daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  We also can work with you to formulate a custom schedule.

Residential Document Destruction in North Center NJ

We enjoy watching our residential customers in amazement as they see our industrial shred truck completely destroy all there old personal files in no time.  Our residential shredding service will come to your home Monday through Saturday to eliminate all those old pay stubs, tax papers, and bank statements that you no longer need. It’s more secure than lugging your documents to some office supply store or a mailbox retailer to be dropped off and shredded at a later date.

Additional Benefits of Shredding Documents

You may want shred services because you’re worried about your information falling into the wrong hands once you discard old documents. While shredding services are a great way to keep you safe from this possibility, our shredding services also provide numerous other benefits. We recycle all shredded materials, so we allow you to add an eco-friendly aspect to your organization by working with ours.

Our organization is AAA Certified from The National Association for Information Destruction, and we’re happy to handle your document shredding needs in North Center NJ so give us a call!