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Residential & Business Shredding Services in Overbrook NJ

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You Have Found a Convenient Way to Shred Your Papers as Soon as Tomorrow

We offer a great document destruction service because we make every aspect of ordering your service easy.  With one call you can get a quote and set up your service date for as soon as tomorrow.  We service the shredding needs of businesses and residents of Overbrook NJ six days a week.

Give Us A Call We’d Love To Talk To You About Shredding

It’s not magic that we offer next-day document destruction appointments six days a week; it’s just great service.  Just give us a call so you can speak to one of our local representatives. They will explain our onetime and ongoing service and help you choose the right option for you.  Now they can give you a quote that will be very fair and reasonable.  If everything looks good to you we can get your appointment on the calendar for tomorrow on any date you want Monday to Saturday.

On-Site Shredding So You Know It’s Done

We are dedicated to making document shredding easy for our customers. When our technicians arrive at your location, they’ll be wearing our company uniforms and carrying corporate photo identification.  Once you tell our technician which documents need to be destroyed, we’ll take care of the rest. At your direction, documents will be placed into our security bins.  The bins will be locked and then taken to our waiting truck. Don’t worry if there are stairs – we’ll take care of it.  At the truck the bin lifted and your documents are unloaded into our industrial mobile shredder and destroyed.  You can rest assured that all your papers will be destroyed before we leave. You can even watch the process via a CCTV monitor on our truck.

Our Paper Shredding Options in Overlook NJ

One-Time Shredding for Business Records

You may be the type of firm that requires the occasional document destruction. Since your needs vary depending on the many different factors you’re never really quite sure when and how often you will need to destroy files.  If this sounds like your Overlook NJ company you can opt for our one-time document purge and simply call us as needed for a shredding appointment.

Ongoing or Scheduled Shredding

If you the type of company that deals with a lot of paper, you are also throwing away a lot of documents every day.  Let us make that easy for you with our ongoing service.  We’ll place our locked containers in your facility so any papers being disposed of can be deposited in one of our locked receptacles.  We will be by your office on a regular schedule to collect the deposited documents and shred them in our truck waiting outside your office.  Schedules can be daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly.  Custom schedules are also available.

Residential Shredding Services 

You have got to get rid of some of those old documents and files you have at home but it has to be done in a way that keeps your personal information private.  Our residential shredding service will take care of that for you.  We come to your home with one of our high-tech shredding trucks and destroy all your papers in front of you so you know that it is done. Our service that comes right to your Overlook NJ house or apartment is available six days a week.

Dont Hesitate – Shred Everything! And Let Us Help!

Which documents are worthy of the shredder and which would be safe in the trash can? Whether they realize it, everyone is required to protect certain information by law. Since this information can be found on roughly half of all documents it’s wise to play it safe and shred everything.

Give Time Shred a call today so we can help you with your shredding project.