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Residential & Business Shredding Services in Short Hills NJ

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We Can Shred at Your Short Hills NJ Location Six Days a Week

If you are ready to have all those old documents at home or in the office destroyed at your Short Hills New Jersey location as soon as possible you have come to the right place.  We can be at your site any date you want six days a week and it could even be tomorrow if you call us today.

How Do You Make a Mobile Shredding Appointment

With a single phone call, our friendly customer service team can have you set up with an appointment right away. We provide next-day service and in some cases can even be at your location the same day you call.  We’ll start by explaining our one-time and ongoing service options.  After you make a choice we can give you a quote.  Our pricing is very straightforward and won’t have any of the hidden fees and surcharges other companies try to get away with.  We can also put your job on the calendar for any date you request Monday through Saturday.

On-Site Document Destruction, The Secure Convenient Choice

There Is no better and more secure way to destroy your sensitive materials than having it done at your Short Hills NJ location so you can see it being done. Our fleet of trucks has the most advanced industrial shredders which allow us to bring our paper destruction service to your front door.  We will arrive at your site on a day that best fits with your schedule.  Once our technician arrives at your premises, they will place your papers in one of our security bins and lock it.  The bins will be rolled directly to our truck so all your documents inside can be destroyed without delay.

Our Document Destruction Options on Short Hills NJ

One-time Shredding & Business File Purge Service

If you only need a single document destruction job completed for your firm our one-time service is the right fit for you.  This option also works for Short Hills NJ companies that need to destroy business records only a few times a year.  We can accommodate any occasional requirement to purge company files.

Schedule Ongoing Shredding Service

If your Short Hills NJ organization generates documents on a regular basis, you are probably disposing of documents regularly also.  Your company needs an ongoing way to dispose of these papers that is secure and meets privacy requirements.  We can start our scheduled service for you right away.  We’ll place our locked containers in convenient locations in your office.  Now just discard all documents in one of these locked containers.  We send our trained staff on a repeating schedule to remove and shred all the deposited papers.  You may choose a service schedule that can be daily to monthly.  Custom ongoing service dates are also available.

Residential Paper Shredding Services

Just because you don’t need some of those old personal papers at home doesn’t mean someone else couldn’t use them to steal your identity. That’s the main reason you can’t just toss private papers in the trash or a recycle bin.  Doing so would allow the documents that are thrown away to be retrieved and used for unauthorized purposes by third parties. This means your personal data could be at risk. Our residential shredding services provide the timely, honest, and professional destruction of your files at Short Hills NJ home Monday through Saturday.

Think Twice Before Shredding the Documents Yourself

While it is possible to use a small paper shredder in an office or at home to handle runaway document piles, this can take a long time. At even a small operation, a few months’ worth of documents could take days to shred – and that’s only if your shredder doesn’t jam or overheat!  What normal shredders can do in days, ours can do in minutes. Our industrial-strength shredders can handle up to 6,000 pounds of paper in an hour. Not only that, but you can watch the documents being destroyed via a monitor. Once your documents have been destroyed, the material is then recycled – effectively making your operation one that is eco-friendlier! Every ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees!

Protect yourself or your business with our professional on-site document shredding services today!