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You found an easy and convenient way to have your confidential document destroyed at your location as soon as tomorrow in South Orange NJ.  Just call Time Shred!

Did you know that the personal and private information of residents and businesses in South Orange NJ must be protected by law even when they are being disposed of? Whether you’re a resident or a business, it is wise to make sure your old documents don’t fall into the wrong hands. Even crumbling them up and throwing them in the regular trash isn’t enough to stop some people from using your private information for illegal purposes.

When you need to make sure your documents are securely destroyed, contact Time Shred Services. Our team has the knowledge and experience to help you choose a service that is best for your needs.

Why Choose Us? We Have the Credentials!

Data destruction is something that residents and businesses of all sizes in South Orange NJ can benefit from. Playing it safe is wise, and our company allows you to get entire containers full of documents shredded in minutes! The National Association for Information Destruction has even established standards for document shredding. We maintain a AAA certification with them for our commitment to security.

With our business, you get:

  • Honest Pricing: Get a per-container rate based on the volume of documents and the frequency of shredding needed to meet your needs. We’ll even give you an estimate to ensure no surprises once the shredding service is performed!
  • Professional Service: All our team members are highly trained, drug tested, background checked and sign confidentiality agreements. They also arrive in professional uniforms with professional identification!
  • Easy Scheduling: Call us for next-day scheduling Monday-Saturday at your convenience! In some cases we are able to provide you with same-day service when you call for an appointment!

We can handle all your document shredding needs. From a cluttered office space to boxes worth of old files, we are the professional paper shredding company you need in South Orange NJ.

How Does Document Shredding Protect You?

At home or when you work at a business, you generate documents with personal information on them all the time. Even something as simple as a client’s address or a financial balance can be enough to cause you problems. Some persistent data thieves are even willing to dumpster dive to get access to your papers if it means getting this information.

When you turn to us for document destruction, you make a wise choice. Our industrial paper shredding trucks destroy documents quickly and efficiently. All paper materials are recycled, meaning anyone who works with our business is taking a greener approach to their own business.

Witness the Shredding

If you’re concerned about making sure your documents are shredded properly, you can even watch the process via a monitor on the side of the shredding truck. Our mobile shredding services are designed to give you the shredding services you can rely on!

Get One-Time Services or Get Scheduled Shredding!

When you need documents destruction in South Orange NJ, call us! Whether you need a single appointment to help deal with clutter or you want to schedule regular ongoing document shredding for your busy organization, we are committed to meeting your needs!

Don’t let a discarded document come back to trouble you – get the reliable document shredding services you need for your office or business call Time Shred!