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Residential & Business Paper Shredding in Town Center NJ

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You need shredding services, you have questions and Time Shred Services has the answers and the solutions to shred your document when and where you want it.

In Town Center NJ, many businesses and home offices exist and they all produce and receive paper documents, sometimes in very large amounts. Trying to shred these documents in a small personal shredder can be its own separate never-ending project, and it can take valuable time away from your business.   Residents of Town Center NJ have similar problems with documents that contain private information.

When you need quick and dependable document shredding services, contact Time Shred Services. Our skilled shredding technicians can bring our mobile paper shredding trucks onsite to your residence or office.  Our paper shredding trucks can shred up to 6,000 pounds of paper in an hour!  We make quick work of any size shredding project.

Why Choose Us? We are Reliable and Convenient!

When it comes to document shredding, we perform the most thorough and secure document shredding service available in Town Center NJ. Our AAA certification with the National Association of Information Destruction speaks volumes about our dedication and professionalism.

Our shredding technicians are highly skilled, friendly, and courteous. Our shredding technicians will arrive at your location in a professional work uniform with a photo ID to present to you. No document shredding need is too big or too small for our skilled paper shredding team!

A Simple Pricing System Saves You Money

We charge by the shredding container, and the per-container rate is based on the frequency of shredding and the volume of documents that need to be shredded. That’s it – with no hidden fees or extra charges. We will even carry your documents downstairs to get them to our paper shredding truck if necessary.

Document shredding services can also save you money in the long run. A lot of liability comes with document loss, and this is a cost you can easily avoid with professional document shredding. If you need a one-time document purge, we will be happy to help. However, we can also help you set up a regular document shredding program if you need it.

The Best Options for Paper Shredding in Town Center NJ

Purge Document Destruction of Business Records

When your Company in Town Center NJ has a periodic need to destroy business records, our one-time service is what you are looking for.  We can come to your office, storage facility, or any other location where you have files to be destroyed and shred them there.  Call us only when you want to have documents destroyed and we will be there the next day.

Scheduling Document Shredding Services

When you operate a business in Town Center NJ that produces documents regularly, it only makes sense that you would get regular document shredding services. We can help you set up a regular schedule so you will never have to worry about paper documents piling up.  We will supply your business location with our locked containers.  Just deposit any papers to be destroyed in one of these containers.  We will arrive at your office to remove the documents and shred them.  You can have a set schedule or we can be on-call.  We do require that each container be serviced at least

Once you take a professional approach to document shredding, your employees are likely to take notice. This can ensure everyone knows the importance of destroying documents properly and increases the likelihood all documents will be disposed of correctly.

On-site Residential Shredding

Don’t make the mistake of putting any of the old documents you want to dispose of in the household trash.  Identity thieves know that is a good place to look to steal your information.  Instead, have FileShred come to your home in Town Center NJ to shred them for you with our residential shredding service.  This way you will eliminate all those documents you don’t need any longer and destroy them in a way that makes it impossible for anyone to use your information.

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