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If you’ve ever tried to shred a large amount of documents with a personal or office shredder, you know it can be a tedious process.  In-house shredders are not designed to shred all the documents a home or business receives and produces on a regular basis. And since these documents more than likely have confidential information on them, it is vital that you get professional shredding services for your documents rather than just throwing them out.

Time Shred Services in Upper Montclair NJ provides the reliable mobile document shredding service you need. Our industrial shredding trucks come to your Montclair location to provide you with the secure and professional document shredding services you need.

What Should You Shred?

When it comes to shredding documents, sometimes people make a mistake and choose the documents they feel are more important to destroy because they have a large amount of documents to shred in a small standard office shredder.  It will take a lot of time and if you get frustrated  you might end up sending some documents to the trash can rather than the shredder.  BIG MISTAKE!

You always want to error on the side of caution and shred everything. Even something that may not seem like a big deal could cause you trouble if it is recovered by unauthorized parties. With our shredding services, you can get quick and easy destruction of your documents in Upper Montclair NJ.

How Can You Set Up an Appointment?

If you need document shredding services onsite at your home or office, contact us! In as little as a phone call, we can have you set up with an appointment. We can provide next-day service Monday through Saturday. In some cases, we can even provide same-day service!

If you need regular shredding services, we can set you up on a schedule per your needs. Busy organizations produce many documents containing sensitive information. Since this is a regular occurrence, you can get regular onsite shredding services as well!

What About the Cost?

You may be worried about getting professional document shredding services for financial reasons. Not only is our pricing system simple, but it is honest and straight-forward. When you get document shredding services from us, we charge by the shredding container. One container can hold 300 pounds of paper.

We provide you with a reliable estimate so you can easily budget in your document shredding services. Even if we have to carry your documents down stairs or switch between multiple containers, we will never charge any surprise fees or extra costs.

Document Shredding is Eco-Friendly!

Corporate and social responsibility can take your business a long way. You can boost your operation’s name value by opting for green methods. All the shredded paper materials we gather in our truck end up being recycled. A ton of recycled paper products can save 17 trees!

Get Professional Document Shredding in Upper Montclair Today!

Don’t let your business or home be at risk due to discarded documents. If you aren’t sure if a file should be shredded, don’t risk it – call us for mobile document shredding services!