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Professional document destruction at your location Monday through Saturday.

Did you know that there is a document shredding service that comes right to your home or office to shred your documents as you watch?  There is and it’s Time Shred Services.

Did you know that more and more businesses and residents in Verona NJ are shredding the documents and papers they no longer need? It is a great way to ensure information security and save a few trees in the process. Have you thought of following the same path, but decided that finding a reliable and convenient shredding service in Verona NJ is difficult and takes a lot of your time and effort?

It doesn’t have to be like that. Yes, most service providers in this part of New Jersey require that you available when it is best for them or bring the documents to them, leave them, and trust that they’ll be destroyed. That will take time and resources you may not have. Besides, your documents could lie in their facility for days or weeks, and someone could go through them.

You can’t take such risks, and we know it. That is why we found a better way for you to safely dispose of that private files and papers.

New Jersey Mobile Shredding Services

Why drive across town and carry bags of paper with you? Why trust strangers with information related to your business, customers, and partners? Why pay for a service that requires additional time and effort from your part?

To change that, contact Time Shred, a mobile shredding service that will meet your needs, whatever they are, and save you time, money, and effort.

What Does Working with Time Shred Mean?

It all starts with your phone call. You tell us what you need, we tell you how much it costs, and you can set the day and place to have your documents shredded. During the agreed time window, our shredding team will come to your place of business or residence, in one of our industrial paper shredding trucks.

We know time is of the essence, so we rely on paper trucks that destroy up to 6,000 pounds of paper in 1 hour, right under your watchful eye. A camera will record the process and let you watch it in real time on a side screen on the truck. Our shredding technicians load the documents into a secure shredding bin and roll them to the paper shredding truck.  The locked shredding bins can hold up to 300 pounds of paper. All you have to do is show our shredding technicians where the paper is and supervise the whole process.

What Are the Main Benefits of Working with Time Shred?

  • Time-efficiency – The shredding can take place within 24 hours from your call, sometimes even earlier. It usually takes very little time to shred your documents given the high performance of our document shredding trucks and the efficiency of our shredding staff.
  • Convenience – Once you show us where the papers are, we take care of everything. You can just sit and watch.
  • Versatility – We are available from Monday to Saturday. We honor not just regular, repeat orders, but also one-time shredding requests. We accept both commercial and residential calls.
  • Safety and transparency – Everything happens right under your eyes, according to previously established terms, and in complete safety. Our shredding technicians are carefully checked, reliable people. They wear uniforms and picture badges, and they do their job fast and discretely, to avoid disturbing your activity or inconveniencing you in any way.

Your time is precious, so, why waste it wondering whether to shred waste paper or what service to use? You have just found the only shredding service in Verona designed to meet all your needs and interests. Call now, and let us change your perspective on shredding!