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The most secure way to have your documents shredded is right in front of you at home or at your office.  Time Shred Services does just that.

Information confidentiality is vital for businesses and residents of Washington Park NJ. However, every day, residents and employees throw away papers and documents containing sensitive information. Even if you already have a shredding machine or you work with a shredding service in Washington Park, chances are some documents still end up in the trash bin. Why?

Office shredding machines are expensive, slow, and counterproductive, and your employees most likely lack the patience to shred all sensitive documents. Most shredding service providers don’t make paper shredding services convenient for their clients and that wastes you time and resources.

Even if you bring your documents to a drop off site like an office supply store your information is not completely safe, as the shredding does not take place in your presence, but sometimes several days later. Why would you choose such solutions, when you can save time, effort and gain peace of mind by working with a mobile shredding service provider?

Time Shred, Your Washington Park Mobile Shredding Service Provider

At Time Shred, our mission is to make our clients’ work easier and bring them peace of mind. We do that by providing prompt and convenient mobile shredding services. Our customers call us when they decide to shred the documents they no longer need. Our shredding team goes to their place of business or residents, usually the next day.

The shredding process is simple and convenient. We have respectful, reliable, and efficient employees wearing picture badges and uniforms. They use shredding bins that hold 300 pounds of paper to load the paper and move your documents to the paper shredding truck, which destroys up to 6,000 pounds of paper per hour.

Our paper shredding service will not interfere with your activities at home or in the office. All we ask of you is that you show our shredding technician what papers you want shredded, and you can supervise their work and the shredding if you want. To make it all easier, our shredding trucks have cameras installed at the interior, with screens on the side where you can watch the shredding in real time.

How to Make the Most of Our Services

Shred Everything

Most of our clients have reached the conclusion that sorting which documents need shredding and which ones are safe to dispose of takes valuable time and effort. They prefer to shred all documents, and thus avoid worrying that sensitive information could end up in the trash bin. We advise all of our clients to do the same.

Schedule Periodical Shredding Services

Depending on how much paper you need shredded, you could save money by scheduling regular shredding services. Our truck could come to your place of business weekly, monthly, or with the frequency you find necessary. This way, your employees will know the schedule and follow it. When you need additional services, all you have to do is call us.

We are available from Monday to Saturday, 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, and we will gladly adjust our service to your needs, to avoid disturbing your activity in any way. By working with us, you will not only save time and effort, you will also protect the environment. The paper we shred is recycled, and every ton of paper shredded can save up to 17 trees.

Stop wasting time and resources and taking unnecessary risks! Call us now to get the answers and the shredding services you need!