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We shred at your location on the date you need it.

Now that you decided to take additional measures to protect the information related to your home, your business, and your customers by shredding the papers and documents you no longer need? The next step is finding a shredding company in Weequahic or Newark that will come to you to shred them.

How to Get the Best Paper Shredding Services in Weequahic NJ

The obvious tendency when looking for a service provider is to check out companies in the region, request quotes, and compare prices. It may work for other services, but not for paper shredding. There are a few aspects more important than the price, and we advise you to consider them carefully:

  • Should you shred all documents or just the ones containing sensitive information? Rather than wasting effort and time to sort documents and risk to compromise sensitive information, shredding everything could be more convenient.
  • Where and when will the shredding take place? The shredding service should come to your Weequahic NJ location to shred your documents on the day you choose..   If you have to take the papers you need destroyed to the company’s location, if the company is not in Weequahic, that is going to take a lot of your time. If the shredding does not take place on the spot how do you know when your private documents will be shredded.
  • How often do you need documents shredded? Depending on the volume of paper you need destroyed and the frequency the company you choose should be able to develop a shredding schedule that meets your specific requirements.

Otherwise put, it is important to find a service provider that comes to you, able and willing to handle the volume of documents you need destroyed. They should have transparent service terms, with pricing, and scheduling . But what if there was a way to get the service you need at your door, on the day you choose, with the frequency you desire?

Get the Best Weequahic NJ Paper Shredding Services with Time Shred

At Time Shred, we provide prompt and convenient mobile shredding services in Weequahic,, Newark and many other locations in New Jersey. With us, you will no longer have to worry about carrying documents around or leaving them stored in improper conditions, as we will shred them on the spot, at your door, under your supervision.

Shredding frequency will not be a reason to worry either, as you get to decide how often you need our services. Besides periodical shredding sessions, we honor one-time requests as well. All you have to do is call us anytime, from Monday to Saturday, and make the appointment for the next day.

We have high-end equipment and reliable and discrete employees. Our trucks shred no less than 6,000 pounds of documents per hour. The bins we use to collect and carry the paper to the truck have locking systems and hold up to 300 pounds of paper. You or your staff can supervise the operation directly.

Our employees meet thorough selection criteria and undergo strict background checks. They wear uniforms and badges with photos, and they are discrete and efficient. Once you show them where the documents are, they’ll get to work and finish in no time.

Don’t trust our word when we say we’re the best! Schedule a shredding, and put us to the test!