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Shredding in Weequahic NJ for Businesses & Residents

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We Shred at Your Location on the Date You Need It.

Now that you decided to take additional measures to protect the information related to your home, your business, and your customers by shredding the papers and documents you no longer need? The next step is finding a shredding company in Weequahic or Newark that will come to you to shred them.

How to Get the Best Paper Shredding Services in Weequahic NJ

Just give us a call.  We have our experts standing by to speak with you.  We’ll explain how our one-time and ongoing services work.  After you make a decision you receive a fair and affordable quote.  We want to point out that we don’t charge any extra fees or surcharges that many other shredding companies charge.  Then set up your appointment for the day you want Monday to Saturday.

See Your Documents Being Destroyed with On-Site Shredding

Where and when will the shredding take place?  Our document destruction service comes to your Weequahic NJ home or business to destroy your confidential papers on the day you choose.   Don’t take your files to some offsite store or let a truck take them away to shred them later.  We’ll send one of our commercial paper destroyers to you so you can witness your records being shredded.  Since we are a mobile service we can go to any location you are storing your documents and files.

Choose A Document Destruction Service in Weequahic NJ

Purge or One-Time Service

Our one-time service puts you in the driver’s seat.  You can order document destruction services when and how often you want it done.  We can come to your Weequahic NJ office or a storage facility for that long overdue file purge.  We can come to your office periodically to shred accumulated files that are not needed.  This option is ready when you are.

Ongoing Scheduled Shredding

Make the secure disposal of business records automatic.  Our scheduled service will come to your office on a regular basis that can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to shred documents.  We place our locked receptacles in your office so all papers being discarded get deposited in one of our containers.  We arrive as scheduled at your Weequahic NJ office to remove the files and destroy them then we will see you again on your next service date.

Residential Paper Shredding

Protect your personal information on paper with our residential shredding service.  Let us come to your Weequahic NJ home with one of our industrial shredders to destroy all the old files you can get rid of.  Free up the clutter at home by watching your documents being shredded right outside your front door.  We can come to your residence every day but Sunday.

Hard Drive Destruction

Old computers lying around can spell trouble if you don’t have the hard drives physically destroyed.  Just because they are no longer in use and are disconnected does not mean the hard drive is not storing data.  We can come to your  Weequahic NJ location to shred or crush your hard drives so you know the information can never be accessed again.

Call today to schedule your shredding service.