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Document Shredding & Paper Shredding Services in Bayonne, NJ

There are several paper shredding companies that service Bayonne NJ, so how do you choose the best document shredding service for you?  It should be the shredding company that makes paper shredding simple and convenient for you.  That means with just one call you can discuss your document shredding needs with an experienced shredding professional that can answer all of your questions and explain your shredding options.  During the same call they should also be able to give you a quote for the shredding service you have decided on and then schedule your paper shredding service for the day that is best for you.   Time Shred is that shredding company that gives you all this and more.

What Should You Shred

You may be surprised to learn that nearly half of all documents contain information that privacy laws require they be shredded before they are thrown away.  So don’t waste time going through them and risk a mistake of missing something, shred every document before they are disposed of.

One-time Shredding & Schedule Document Shredding

For an occasional paper shredding need we offer our one-time shredding option, document shredding only when you have a need for it.  If you need to shred documents on a regular basis we offer our scheduled shredding service that provides shredding on a weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks or monthly basis.  We also provide shredding containers to hold your documents in until your shredding date.

About Us and Our Services

We are Time Shred, the paper shredding company that values your time and puts your interests above everything else. Many Bayonne companies are already on our list of clients, and our trucks cross the town on a daily basis, visiting clients everywhere between Newark and New York Bays. We’d be happy to stop by your home or place of business and offer you the same prompt and efficient services.

Why Choose Us As Your Service Provider?

  • You save time, effort, and money by no longer having to stack documents in bags or boxes and carry them to a shredding point. You just give us the time and the location, and we’ll be there.
  • You will know the costs in the beginning. Just call, tell us what you need, and we’ll tell you how much it costs. There will be no hidden fees and no variables involved.
  • You will never again have to worry about the safety of the documents you wish to shred, as you won’t lose sight of them. We’ll destroy them right under your watchful eye, fast and efficiently.
  • The shredding process is simple and straightforward: we come, we load, we shred, and you supervise. Our shredding technicians move the paper from the storage room to the truck in locked bins, to avoid compromising any information.
  • We work fast and efficiently. Our trucks can shred up to 3 tons of paper per hour and your can witness the document shredding in real time, you to watch a monitor on the side of the truck.
  • We recycle. With every ton of paper we shred, we save 17 trees, and you too can contribute.
  • We are flexible. We have both commercial and residential customers, and we accept both repeat and one-time orders. You know your needs better than anyone. We’ll just do everything in our power to meet them.

Depending on the specifics of your business, the benefits could be even greater and more numerous. It is up to you to discover them. Call now, and schedule your first shredding with Time Shred!