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Shredding Services in Kearny NJ for Residents & Businesses

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If you have documents that need to be shredded whether you’re a business or a resident in Kearny NJ you would like it to be as easy as a telephone call.   With Time Shred Services it is.  One call is all it takes to get the information you need, get a price, and set up your shredding appointment.  We shred at your location six days a week.

Set Up Your Mobile Shredding Appointment

Our experienced customer service team is always available to speak with you.  When you give us a call we will answer the phone, not a machine.  We will help you choose a service and provide you with a quote.  Then we will get your appointment on the calendar for any date the works for you.  You can pick any day Monday through Saturday.

On-Site Document Destruction Offers More Security

You seeing your confidential papers destroyed at your location offers you convenience, security, and peace of mind.  We will send one of our industrial paper destruction trucks to your Kearny NJ location and shred all your documents right in front of you.  Our onsite shredding service leaves no questions because all your documents are destroyed before we leave.  Each of our trucks are equipped with a camera system that has a viewing screen on the side of the truck that will let you see your files being destroyed.

Document Destruction Options in Kearny NJ

One-time Shredding & File Purges

Our one-time option is professional onsite services only when you want it.  You can make a single appointment for a file cleanout or call us a few times for any number of file reduction reasons.  We are happy to take care of your document destruction needs whenever you decide to proceed in Kearny NJ.

Scheduled Office Shredding Programs

Our scheduled service is a necessary part of any document disposal program.  The reason you institute a secure process to discard business records is to be compliant with privacy laws. protect your company’s data and your customer’s private information.  The service starts with us providing you with locked bins and consoles to deposit papers in.  Your documents will be safely stored until we arrive to shred them.  The number of containers we provide will be based on your office layout and the number of staff that works there also.  Then on a recurring schedule, we will come to your Kearny NJ office and unlock, remove, and destroy all the papers in each container.  Your schedule can be weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks or monthly.

Residential Document Shredding

Those personal papers at home need to be destroyed when you decide you don’t need them anymore.  Just throwing them away can lead to problems if someone were to get their hands on them.  Don’t let it become a problem let our residential shredding service come to your Kearny NJ home and we will destroy them for you.  You pick the date you want Monday through Saturday we will arrive at your residence with one of our paper shredding trucks and all your documents will be destroyed and you will be able to see it as it is being done.

Why You Need A Professional Shredding Service

When it’s time to dispose of documents don’t put them in the trash.  Putting personal information in the trash is a great way to have it stolen and misused. In fact, many states have laws that define trash as public property, just so long as it’s on the street. This means that anyone could go through your trash and unearth that personal information, which they could then use to open fraudulent credit card accounts and wreak havoc on your financial life.  Fortunately, Time Shred can help you avoid this outcome. By offering professional, mobile document shredding services, Time Shred makes it easier than ever before to destroy your personal information securely and conveniently.

The Document Destruction Process

Curious about how Time Shred actually works? Here’s what a standard appointment looks like:

  • You contact Time Shred professionals. We walk you through the entire shredding process. We offer one-time and recurring shredding services, you may need one or both. Then just tell us what day you want us to be there and we’ll show up right on the day you choose.  We shred Monday through Saturday.
  • Our shredding technician arrives in one of our advanced mobile shredding trucks. Each truck is capable of shredding up to 6,000 lbs. of paper in a single hour, so handling large shredding orders is no problem.
  • You show the shredding technician where your documents are. Our shredding technicians do all the work under your direction.
  • The documents are moved in a sealed shredding bin. This prevents them from being seen or accessed on their way to the paper shredding truck.
  • The shredding truck’s automatic system lifts the bin and drops the documents directly into the shredder. At this point, you can watch the shredding happen on our mobile shredding truck’s monitor.

Want to learn more about Time Shred or book an appointment today? Give us a call now!