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Time Shred – Your Source for Quality North Bergen Document Shredding Services

Are you looking for mobile document shredding in North Bergen, NJ? If so, Time Shred is the obvious answer! A friendly, expedient, and professional mobile document shredding service, we specialize in helping individuals and businesses shred their documents when and where they need it.

So whether you’ve got old bank statements, health records, or any document with your private information to destroy, Time Shred is your go-to for paper shredding services in Hudson County NJ.

Our Offerings

At Time Shred, you can choose between several unique document shredding options. These include the following:

  • Mobile document shredding. With our mobile document destruction services, you don’t have to worry about carrying boxes of documents to your nearest office supply store or mailbox retailer. Instead, our shredding team will arrive at your doorstep with a state-of-the-art shredding truck. Just point out your documents, our shredding technician will load them into a lockable shredding bin, and you’re off to the races! It’s secure, fast, and simple.
  • One-time purge or recurring shredding services. Need a single shredding session to help you organize your home or office? We do that. Need ongoing document shredding to help your business keep your client records and payment receipts protected when they are disposed of? We do that, too. No matter how frequently you need shredding services, Time Shred is here to offer streamlined and simple document destruction for your unique situation.
  • Document Handling. Do your documents need to be moved up or down stairs before they can be shredded? The Time Shred technicians are happy to move them for you. Plus, since we do all the work under your direction, you can see the entire shredding process as it happens from the time you tell us what documents need to be shredded until they have been shredded in our shredding truck.
  • Environmentally-friendly shredding. What do we do with all of the paper we shred? The answer is simple: we recycle it! By doing this, we save trees and help the environment. In fact, each ton of shredded paper we recycle represents 17 trees that won’t have to be cut down!

Schedule Document Shredding

Wouldn’t life be easier if you didn’t have to worry so much about all of your daily responsibilities? If you could hand off a few of your daily tasks to someone who would see to it that they got done? Well, with Time Shred, you can. Our specialized team of paper shredding professionals will help you set up your ongoing shredding service. Once they’re set up in our system, we’ll arrive at regular intervals at your home or office. All you need to do is show us the documents you want destroyed.  In this way, Time Shred’s services save you time and money by cutting out weekly or monthly trips to the office supply store or post office, and they save you the hassle of having to shred documents one-by-one on a personal shredder.

One-time Shredding

Need us just once or on occasion?  Our onetime document shredding services is the answer.  We come to your North Bergen NJ home or office only when you need us.

We can make it much easier to get rid of sensitive personal and business information in a smart and eco-friendly way. When you’re confident your personal, client, or financial information has been disposed of correctly, you can spend less time worrying about threats like identity theft, and more time doing more productive things at home or at work.

Contact us today to learn more about our next day document shredding service!