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Time Shred: Your Choice for Professional Document Shredding in Secaucus, NJ

Secaucus residents and businesses have trusted Time Shred Services to bring document shredding services to their home or office on the day of their choosing with just one telephone call for many years.  You should too.

While today’s world is increasingly digital, there’s still no way to get away from paper document altogether. It comes in the form of our bank statements, medical records, and loan documentation to name a few, and, when you don’t need them anymore, you can’t just toss them in the trash.

Think about it for a moment: at least 50% of every document has information that needs to be protected by law, so how do you choose what to toss and what to shred? The answer is simple: shred everything.   At Time Shred, we’re making it easier than ever before to destroy all your unneeded paperwork – from bank statements to credit card statements – in one fell swoop. No more sorting through documents or shredding items painstakingly by hand.

Just call a Time Shred professionals and our team will handle everything for you.

Time Shred: On-Site Shredding in Secaucus, NJ

At Time Shred, we offer on-site shredding services for your security, peace of mind, and convenience. When you book a shredding appointment with our friendly and knowledgeable document shredding staff, we’ll come to your home or business in Secaucus, NJ with one of our unique, state-of-the-art paper shredding trucks. All you need to do is point out your unwanted documents, and our trained, vetted, and background-checked shredding technician will move them into one of our secure and lockable shredding bins – each of which holds more than 300 lbs. of paper!

Once the paper has been transferred, our shredding technician will take it outside to the waiting paper shredding truck, where it will be lifted (via an automated system) into the document shredding truck and dumped right into the waiting shredder. You can watch the entire process take place with the help of our external monitor mounted on all of our document shredding trucks.

Time Shred vs. Manual Shredders

Imagine, if you will, how long it would take you to shred 6,000 lbs. of paperwork by hand. Days? Weeks? Years, even? With Time Shred, however, you can shred all this paperwork in just an hour. Our shredding trucks are high-capacity and meant to shred tons of paperwork at a time, so we make it faster and easier than ever before to get rid of your unwanted documents.

Even if you have just a couple of hundred pounds of documents to shred an in-house shredder will take you many hours if not days to shred.  Imagine how long it would take an employee to feed paperwork into an in-house shredder, and how much you’d end up paying in just wages not to mention they value of them doing more productive business producing tasks.

No matter how you cut it, hiring professional mobile document shredding services is worth it, and it’s one smart move that can help you save time and money for your company.

Why Choose Time Shred?

At Time Shred, we take our commitment to security seriously. As an AAA Certified Shredding Company fully certified by The National Association of Information Destruction, you can trust that we exceed the strictest guidelines for maintaining your security. What’s more, our convenient mobile shredding service makes it easy to destroy your personal information and keep your identity safe, all without lifting a finger.

One-time Shredding and Schedule Document Shredding

Need to shred documents occasionally or on a regular basis, no problem Time Shred can accommodate and paper shredding need.  Our onetime shredding service is for clients that need to clean out old documents just once or infrequently.  We come to shred your documents only when you need us.

When you handle and dispose of documents on a regular basis in the normal course of your business day you need to dispose of those documents in a secure manner and that means shredding.  We provide you with locking shredding containers to hold your documents in, then we come to you on a regular schedule to shred your documents.  We offer weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks or monthly options.

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