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Time Shred: Offering the Best Document Shredding in Avenel, NJ

Secure File Destruction Available As Soon As Tomorrow! 

Looking for a partner you can trust with document destruction? Sick of feeding hundreds of pounds of paperwork a couple of pages at a time by hand, or paying an employee to do it for you with one of those small in-house shredders? Concerned about the security of your personal information once you throw it away? Look no further than Time Shred Services.

A fast, efficient, and affordable document shredding service in Avenel, NJ, we offer onsite paper shredding for individuals and businesses. Committed to security and helping you be compliant with federal and state privacy laws, we take proactive steps to secure your personal information and ensure that everything from outdated bank statements to client payment receipts are shredded completely, effectively, and securely – every single time.

Make An Appointment For Tomorrow

When we say we’ll come to your location to destroy your confidential records on the date you want we mean it.  We offer next day service Monday through Saturday.  To make an appointment just give us a call.  One of our customers service team will answer the phone not some machine.   They will take the time to explain our services and listen to your needs and concerns.  They will also help you choose an option that is right for you and give you a quote that will not have any of the surcharges that other companies charge.  Then just tell us what day you want service and your appointment will be all set.

When the Shredding Truck Arrives at Your Avenel NJ Location

On the day of your appointment one of our state-of-the-art paper shredding trucks will arrive at your curb. In every shredding job we do, we come to your home or place of business rather than making you come to us. Our helpful technicians will arrive at your Avenel, NJ location dressed in uniform and holding a photo ID. This helps you rest assured that you’re actually dealing with a certified Time Shred technician, and also allows you to develop relationships with our team.  From there, the technician will just need to see the documents you need destroyed. Hopefully, you’ve compiled them in a bag or box, so they’re easy for the technician to place in to one of our secure bins. Once the files have been locked in our bin, our technician will take the bin outside to the truck, the bin gets lifted by mechanical arm and emptied into the shredder, and you’ll get to watch the entire process on an external TV screen on the side of the truck.

Document Destruction At Your Business Location

One-time Shredding – We have a great option for you when you need to securely dispose of company records just not that often.  Our onetime service allows our corporate clients to make an appointment just once for a file purge and then call us in a few months or a few years whenever they need us.  It’s also great for firms that need shredding more often but not consistently.  Our onetime option allows you to call us only when you need us.

Scheduled Shredding –   You come to work everyday and there is always piles of paperwork you have to review and act on or dispose of because you finished with them.  The papers you are disposing of can’t be put in the trash because of your obligation to protect your businesses information, your clients private data and be compliant with privacy laws.  So how do you do that without it becoming a time consuming task? The answer is hire our scheduled shredding service.  Here is how it works;  we provide our locked bins and consoles that are placed in areas in your office so all of your staff will be easily use them from there work stations.  All they have to do is deposit any papers they want to discard in one of the locked containers.  We will come onsite on a regular schedule to remove the papers and shred them.  Choose a schedule that is weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks or monthly.

Residential Shredding on your Schedule

It’s true we’ll come to your home and destroy your personal papers any date you want that falls on a Monday through Saturday.  Your old files like tax returns, bills and bank statements can’t go into the trash because that is where identity thieves know where to look.  We’ll come right to your home or apartment with one of our powerful paper shredding trucks that can destroy 6,000 pounds of document per hour.  Any of the private files that you have decided to get rid of will be destroyed in minutes with our onsite residential shredding service and you will be able to see the destruction as it happens.

Shred A File, Save A Tree

You may be thinking really? How do they do that?  The documents we destroy have an after life as other paper products.  The reason is we recycle all the files we destroy.  The shredded paper is bailed and sent to paper mills where it will be processed and turned back into paper pulp.  The pulp is then used to make many different types of products based on the grade of the pulp.  Every ton of shredded paper we recycle saves 17 trees.

Never before has getting rid of your personal files or business records been this easy and convenient. To learn more about Time Shred, or to schedule your Hudson County NJ document shredding appointment today, contact one of our team now.