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Time Shred is a fast, friendly, and efficient onsite shredding service serving residents and businesses in Carteret, NJ and throughout the entire Hudson County region. Designed to cater to the document destruction needs of anyone who has unwanted paperwork but is concerned about disposing of it safely, Time Shred is AAA Certified by The National Association of Information Destruction, and our team shreds documents faster and more efficiently than any other document shredding service out there.


How Time Shred Helps You Avoid Identity Theft

Imagine what would happen if a thief got ahold of your personal paperwork. Today, it’s easy for anyone with a little technical know-how and a computer to start fraudulent accounts in your name, and it happens to thousands of people every year. While it may seem like these cases would be easy to resolve, they often take months or years to rectify, and many people face financial ruin in the process.

To prevent this from happening to you, you need to be very careful with how you dispose of your personal information. Throwing it in the trash isn’t an effective way to get rid of it, since anyone can walk by and pluck it out. While personal or manual shredding works, it’s not realistic or sustainable for businesses, or anyone who deals with sensitive paperwork often.

Instead, you need a professional document shredding service that will help you process unwanted documents and files according to federal and state privacy laws. This is where Time Shred enters the picture. Equipped with high-volume paper shredding trucks, trained staff, and standard operating procedures to maintain your security and confidentiality, we take our commitment to privacy seriously, and promise to maintain the security of your personal information, from the time we carry it out your door to the time it goes through our shredders.

By destroying personal information quickly and completely, we help decrease the likelihood that it will fall into the hands of a thief, and make it easier for you to safeguard your financial security.


Why Businesses Need Document Destruction

Most businesses, regardless of industry or specialty, work with confidential client information. Regardless of whether that comes in the form of health records or payment information, it’s critical that this information be protected and safeguarded from prying eyes.

If this information were to get out, your company would face a massive loss of clients and the potential of lawsuits. Because of this, it’s critical to keep your client information as safe and secure as possible.

At Time Shred, we specialize in helping businesses manage the shredding of their confidential client information. By providing onsite shredding services that destroy documents completely, we can help you rest easy knowing that your business is honoring its promise to abide by federal and state privacy laws and keep your client information secure.

To learn more about Time Shred and how our document shredding services can protect your business or personal life, or to schedule your first document shredding appointment today, contact our shredding experts now!