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Time Shred: For Fast and Secure Shredding in Cranbury, NJ

If you’re looking for fast and secure document shredding in Cranbury, NJ, you’ve come to the right place. Time Shred will quickly service all of your paper shredding needs, and do so in compliance with federal and state document destruction laws. Whatever your shredding needs may be, we can accommodate you.

How Time Shred Will Accommodate Your Needs

These are just some of the things that make Time Shred so special.

  • We’re Totally Flexible: We are available when you need us. Time Shred is open Monday through Saturday. Our drivers can be at your location within a day. In some cases, we can even make it the same day.
  • We’re Equipped For All Of Your Shredding Needs: Our trucks can shred 6000 pounds of paper every hour. No matter how many documents you need us to destroy, we can do it!
  • Time Shred Can Help You Save Money: Spending money to have an outside company take care of your shredding needs may not sound cost-effective, but in the long run it is. You and your employees have so many more important tasks on your plate. Why waste your valuable time shredding documents?
  • We Respect Your Time: Your time is valuable, which is why with just one phone call we can determine your shredding needs, come up with an action plan, provide an accurate estimate and schedule your document shredding service.

Time Shred: Serving Both Businesses and Individuals

Something that makes Time Shred such a great shredding option is that we serve both the businesses and residents of Cranbury, NJ. We help businesses protect the interests of their customers and prevent identity theft through our secure shredding practices. The owners and employees at Time Shred are also happy to help the residents of Cranbury, NJ with their personal document destruction needs.

Business owners, administrators, and private residents are invited to observe all of our shredding actions. We will come to your home or office to shred your documents. All of your papers will go into a locked container for transfer to our shredding truck. You can either go with our shred tech and watch the document destruction in person on the CCTV monitor on the side of the truck. Either way, our goal is for you to feel that you’re able to destroy important documents in a safe and secure manner.

Turn to Time Shred for Fast and Secure Shredding in Cranbury, NJ

Whether you need to shred personal or business documents, Time Shred is the shredding company for you! With our commitment to quality, security, and speed, you can be confident that your private documents are in the right hands.

Do you need some documents shredded? Give us a call today and we can schedule a shredding appointment tomorrow or any day the is best for you.  We look forward to helping you with all of your shredding needs.