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Time Shred in Edison, NJ: Always Looking Out For Your Best Interests

The best document shredding company in Edison NJ is Time Shred Services.  At Time Shred Services we always put our customers shredding needs first.  That includes shredding your documents where and when you need it.  And all it takes is just one call to speak with one of our experienced shredding professionals to walk you through the entire shredding process.

All of our shredding customers in Edison, NJ know they can trust us. This trust is based on our reputation, their interactions with us, and the fact that we meet or exceed the highest standards set out by The National Association of Information Destruction (NAID). In fact, we’ve received a AAA certification from NAID. While that looks great on paper, we want to show you what working with us would really look like.

How Time Shred Works: A Step-by-Step Explanation

This is what it’s like to work with Time Shred from start to finish, whether you’ve hired us for a one-time (or occasional) paper purge, or you’ve decided to sign up for a regularly scheduled pickup.

  • Phone Consultation: We can do this with one telephone call. We’ll discuss with you what you need shredded, how much, and how often. Based on this information, we’ll be able to determine what kind of shredding would work best for your needs.
  • Locked Shredding containers for reoccurring shredding needs: A Time Shred tech will bring you one of our various size shredding containers that can stay on-site at your home or business. The containers will be locked so that all of your paperwork will be safe and secure.
  • One-time Shredding: Time Shred can accommodate that onetime or occasional paper shredding need.
  • On your shredding day, one of our techs will arrive at your home or business, photo ID in hand, and shred your documents. No matter where your documents may be—upstairs, downstairs, in the garage, etc.—our tech will carry them out to the shred truck. You don’t have to lift a finger.
  • If you choose not to keep a shredding bin on-site, we’ll bring one to your home or business on the pickup day. We’ll put all of your documents into the bin, lock it, and then carry it out to our shredding truck.
  • We take your documents to our hydraulic shredding truck that can shred up to 6000 pounds of paper per hour. You are welcome to walk out with our tech and watch the process as it occurs. We even provide you with CCTV screen so you can actually see the documents being shredded.
  • We offer document shredding Monday through Saturday so you choose the best day for you.

All of Us at Time Shred Care About You!

At Time Shred, we have very high standards. Why? It’s because we want to live up to the high standards of our customers. Our goal is to protect you and your privacy—we take that very seriously. For anyone looking for a shredding company in Edison, NJ, whether home or business, we have your best interests at heart.

Are you looking for a shredding company with your best interests at heart? Then call Time Shred today for a free and accurate estimate for your personal or business shredding needs.