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Time Shred: Keasbey, NJ’s #1 Choice for Secure Shredding Services

If document shredding is what you need Time Shred Services has the solution.

Should you hire a shredding company? There are many people who think they’ll save a lot of money by taking care for their shredding needs on their own. Here’s the thing, though—in the end, hiring a shredding company will not only save you money, it will save you a lot of time

Why You Should Let Someone Else Do the Shredding

Shredding isn’t hard to do, it’s just time consuming. You have better things to do, don’t you? Instead of shredding, you could be spending time building your business, enjoying your family, or doing a number or more important tasks.

Our industrial shredders will shred in minutes what it will take days to do with personal shredders.

Some business owners delegate the shredding to their employees. This can work, but don’t your employees have better ways to use their time, too? In order to implement all of your great business ideas, you’ll need your employees’ assistance. So instead of taking their valuable time away from your important projects, why not hire Time Shred?

Another reason to let someone else do the shredding is because it’s safer. Office shredders can easily become jammed or overheated, a definite fire hazard. Protect your business, employees, customers, and family with Time Shred.

When you shred, what do you do with the leftover paper? Many people simply throw it away. However, we think the best course of action is to recycle the paper. For every ton of paper we shred and recycle, we’re able to help save seventeen trees. When you hire Time Shred, you can be a part of that!

Whatever Your Shredding Needs—We Can Accommodate You

Do you have one box of documents to be shredded? Or do you have hundreds of boxes? Whatever your needs, we at Time Shred are happy to help. If you like to spring clean a couple times a year and need shredding services, we can definitely accommodate these occasional shredding needs.

On the other hand, there are some businesses that need shredding on a regular basis, even weekly. We serve these companies too. If you’re a company that needs a regular shredding schedule, we can provide you with shredding containers that stay locked until it’s time to shred those documents. On a day that is best for you, our heavy-duty shredding truck will come to you. You can observe as we take the contents of your locked shredding container to the truck and as the truck shreds all of your papers. We’re positive knowing how secure our document shredding services are will give you peace of mind.

Time Shred: Keasbey, NJ’s #1 Choice for Shredding Services

No matter who you are or what your shredding needs may be, you can rest assured that Time Shred can help. With our excellent customer service record and AAA certification from The National Association of Information Destruction we are the top choice for businesses and residents in Keasbey, NJ.

Are you ready to get out from under all of that paperwork? Give us a call today and we can get one of our high-tech shred trucks out to you today or tomorrow for a quick, easy, and secure document shredding.