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Paper Shredding in Metuchen NJ for Residents & Businesses


Call Time Shred Services Today To Start Shredding Tomorrow

Everything you need to start shredding tomorrow from getting information, a quote and scheduling your appointment can be accomplished with just one call to Time Shred Services.  Ridding your Metuchen NJ home or office of the tons of paperwork that you no longer need is a daunting task, especially when those papers contain sensitive information that you need to protect. Time Shred makes the process easy by providing flexible onetime and ongoing options to meet any unique requirement. From the moment we first speak until the last piece of paper is shredded, you will feel at ease knowing that Time Shred is on top of your document shredding and disposal.

Set Up Your Document Destruction Appointment

The first step is to just give us a call.  One of our helpful staff will actually answer the phone ready to answer all your questions and help you pick one of our service options that is right for you.  We will also give you a reliable quote that gives you all of the pricing in advance so you don’t have to worry about last-minute surcharges that other companies charge.  The last thing you have to do is tell us what day you would like s to come to your Metuchen NJ location to destroy your files.

We Shred in Metuchen NJ 6 Days a Week

Every resident or business in Metuchen has different schedules and needs when it comes to having their documents securely destroyed. Time Shred provides flexible service times to meet them all. Our professional team is available Monday through Saturday, making it easier for you to make an appointment to fit our services into your busy schedule. You shouldn’t have to work around the schedule of a document destruction company, call Time Shred in Metuchen NJ and we will be available when you need us.

On-Site Document Shredding in Metuchen NJ is More Secure

The very act of bringing your sensitive documents to be shredded at some location is not only time-consuming but inconvenient it is also risky. Reduce that risk and hassle with our on-site services. One of our trucks from our state-of-the-art fleet will show up at your home or business.  Your papers will be placed in a secure bin so they can be taken out of the truck and shredded right before your eyes. This not only makes things easier on you, but it also ensures that those important papers are being destroyed the way they need to be. Time Shred’s on-site mobile service provides the most convenient solution to any document shredding need in Metuchen NJ.

Document Destruction Options in Metuchen NJ

One-Time Paper Shredding of Company Files

With Time Shred, you can schedule a one-time or occasional visit for your office or business in Metuchen NJ anytime you decide you want it.  This purge service gets rid of the years of paperwork you have stacked up in just one visit or periodically over time.  We can come to your office or any other facility where you store your business records.   Call only when you need us we are always ready to assist you.

Ongoing Document Shredding

When you need to destroy documents on a regular basis in Metuchen NJ we offer our scheduled service.  It is paper shredding on a weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks, or monthly basis.  We work with you to determine the right ongoing schedule for your office.  We also provide locked containers to hold your documents in until your service date.  They can be placed in central locations in your office so it will be easy for all of your employees to use them.  We will come to your location as scheduled to empty each container and shred the contents.

Residential Shredding When You Need It

Identity theft is a reality that every individual needs to be aware of.  A sad fact is most personal information is stolen from papers just tossed in the garbage.  You can prevent this with our onsite residential shredding service.  We’ll come to your Metuchen NJ home with an impressive commercial destruction truck and shred your personal papers right in front of you.  It’s the most secure and convenient way for you to eliminate all those old private files.   Our home shredding service is available Monday through Saturday.

Choose Document Shredding That Protects the Environment

Done correctly, shredding documents not only helps keep the information contained in them a secret, but it also works at protecting the environment. Each document that we shred goes right back to making other paper products, allowing yet another tree to grow taller.   17 trees can be saved by recycling just one ton of shredded paper, making recycling those files an easy way for individuals and your business to make a positive difference in the health of our planet.

Call Time Shred Today – Secure document shredding is one of the many ways that you protect your business and your clients. Don’t leave that important task in the hands of amateurs. Call Time Shred today and have all of your documents shredded and disposed of by tomorrow. With our fleet at your service, you can be busy making new documents, while we are hard at work safely disposing of your old ones.