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Milltown, NJ Document Shredding

Choosing a suitable document shredding service in Milltown NJ is a lot easier than you think. Great service goes far beyond simple file destruction. It all starts with great communication. Our available document shredding options give you all the flexibility and peace of mind you need with the important task of shredding documents that contain sensitive information.

Moreover, great shredding service is transparent: quotes should be clear, with no hidden fees. Finally, a professional shredding service should be working to fit into your schedule and not vice versa. Time Shred is the perfect choice to have your documents in Milltown NJ, safely and securely destroyed.

Why Shredding?

Personal and Business documents contain sensitive information that needs to be protected to be compliant with privacy laws. That protection even includes when it is time to dispose of the documents. An average business accumulates a tremendous amount of documents on a regular basis and when those documents are no longer needed they can’t just be put in the trash.  The same is true for residents.  Your financial and medical documents needed to afforded the same level of protection as business records.  Documents lying around unguarded not only take up space but can potentially be the source of security leaks. Shredding every old or unwanted document is the most practical and secure course of action to be compliant.

How Time Shred Works

After you get a quote from our shredding experts, the document shredding can commence at your specified Milltown NJ residence or business. Time Shred is an on-site shredding service, meaning that we come to you with one of our shredding trucks. Shredding your documents at your Milltown NJ location is recommended because it offers more flexibility and security than transporting your documents to an off-site location. Furthermore, it eliminates the risk of confidential information getting in the wrong hands because all of the shredding is done right in front of you.

One-time or Scheduled Document Shredding

Our paper shredding service is available to both one-time and ongoing customers.  For that infrequent document shredding need we offer our one-time shredding service, shredding only when you need it.  We also offer scheduled on-site file shredding services, which is shredding on a regular basis such as weekly or monthly.. Our package offers a wide variety of lockable, secure shredding containers to fit any office space. Management and staff can simply place any unnecessary papers and documents into the bins or consoles until your scheduled shredding day.

Bins and consoles are placed throughout your facility so it is convenient for your staff to use. On a regular basis, our uniformed shredding technicians will come to your office, empty the shredding containers, and shred the contents in our shredding truck before leaving your Milltown NJ location. You can even watch the process as it happens with the CCTV monitor installed on the side of the truck.

Contact Time Shred for More Information

Time Shred is always a phone call away from you! Contact us to get a free quote and arrange a schedule that fits your particular needs. Our shredding team is available Monday to Saturday.

We are always ready to provide you with a detailed breakdown of our shredding services and answer all of your questions so you can make an informed decision about the paper shredding service that meets your needs.

Our fleet of mobile shredding trucks is fully equipped with industrial shredders that can shred up to 6,000 pounds of paper per hour, more than any personal shredded could ever take. There is no other shredding process that is faster and more secure than onsite shredding with Time Shred.

Give Time Shred a call today and you could be shredding tomorrow.