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Paper Shredding in Monmouth Junction NJ for Home & Work


On-Site Document Destruction When You Want It

Destroy your sensitive documents at your Monmouth Junction New Jersey location six days a week with Time Shred.  We help residents and businesses securely dispose of private files when they want to have it done. Give us a call to get pricing and set up a service date.

Contact Us for a Free Mobile Shredding Quote!

Having your on-site document destruction service when you want it is always a phone call away. Speak to one of our customer service staff to get a free quote that you will be surprised at how affordable it is and arrange your service for a suitable day for you Monday to Saturday in Monmouth NJ.  We believe that great service comes with great communication. Therefore, we are always ready to provide you with a detailed breakdown of our shredding services and answer all of your questions. Get informed about the wide range of our services and make an educated decision about the paper destruction service that meets your needs!

The Benefits of On-Site Paper Destruction

On-site document shredding adds an extra layer of security when it comes to eliminating sensitive materials. Our services, whether scheduled or one-time, are offered to be performed at your premises, where we destroy your documents right in front of you. When you purchase our services, one of our high-tech paper destruction trucks will come to your Monmouth Junction NJ home or office so you can witness your files being destroyed as it is being performed.

Great Options for Document Destruction in Monmouth Junction NJ

One-time Shredding of Business Records

If you don’t need to securely dispose of business records repeatedly, our one-time option is available for your company whenever you need it.  businesses and residents of Monmouth Junction NJ for occasional shredding requirements.

Scheduled Shredding Programs

Businesses are responsible for handling documents in a secure manner.  Private information for your business, your clients, and your employees is contained in many different forms of documents that are used and discarded every day.  Time Shred helps your company protect this information with scheduled services.  If you opt for our ongoing service, we make sure that your documents stay safe until the next service date. As part of the service, we provide you with lockable containers that securely hold your papers.  That way, your staff can easily place unneeded documents there for safekeeping.  On a regular basis or custom schedule, we will be at your Monmouth Junction NJ office to empty the receptacles and destroy the papers.

Residential Shredding Services 

Tax records, bank statements, and other personal documents are kept safe at home.  When you want to dispose of some of those private files, it needs to be done safely also.  Our residential shredding service will come to your Monmouth Junction NJ home and destroy your old papers with one of our commercial shredding trucks.  You will be able to watch your files being destroyed so you can have peace of mind.  We take care of our residential clients every day but Sunday.

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