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Document Shredding Services in Monroe Township, NJ

Did you know that 50% of personal and business documents contain sensitive information that needs to be protected even when you don’t need them anymore? Throwing them at regular trash systems will not defend you against possible security leaks and identity theft. Our professional document shredding service in Monroe Township NJ can help you get rid of old forms and documents, in compliance with all the Federal and State Privacy Laws!

Here at Time Shred, we value communication and privacy. Our goal is to offer you a shredding service that suits your particular needs: no need to go out of your way to get rid of old papers! Simply contact us and we can reach you with one of our specially designed shredding trucks that will do all the work in front of you!

One-time Shredding

When you just don’t need to shred documents that often our onetime documents shredding service is for you.  With Time Shred you have unlimited flexibility in choosing when to have your documents shredded. We value your time and we know that document shredding should not be a reason to rearrange your whole schedule that is why we offer next day paper shredding Monday through Saturday.

Scheduled Shredding

Not all businesses have the same needs for paper shredding but they still need to dispose of document securely on a consistent basis.  Our scheduled shredding service is the regular shredding of your documents that will accommodate your need to shred documents on a frequent basis that offers scheduling options. We can accommodate weekly, every other week, every four weeks or monthly plans.  Feel free to ask us for a customized schedule!

Consistency and proper communication of goals is key to a successful scheduled shredding program. It is important that your staff is aware of the shredding schedule and disposes of outdated documents accordingly. You don’t even have to worry about storage either: we provide you with complimentary shredding containers so your documents can be stored securely until they are shredded.

Benefits of On-Site Document Purging

At Time Shred, we value your privacy. Our on-site document shredding service is AAA Certified by NAID, The National Association for Information Destruction. When it comes to eliminating sensitive information, all of our services are offered as an on-site shredding service, where we destroy your documents right in front of you. When you purchase our services, a Time Shred truck will come to your Monroe Township NJ home or office trucks to shred your documents.

When the time comes, the special bins that we provided for you, will be transported to our waiting shredding truck to be emptied to the automated shredding system. Then, the industrial-grade shredding machine inside the truck will take care of everything! Your documents will be shredded and you can watch it in real time with a special TV we set especially for you.

Contact Us for a Free Quote!

Time Shred is always a phone call away from your Monroe Township NJ business or residence! Contact us to get a free quote and arrange a schedule that is suitable for your particular needs. Our shredding team is available Monday to Saturday (special pickup days can be arranged).

We are always ready to provide you with a detailed breakdown of our shredding services and answer all of your questions. Get informed about the wide range of our services and choose an option that is suitable for you!