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Paper Shredding in New Brunswick NJ for Home & Work


On-Site Document Destruction is Available Six Days a Week

Take advantage of the convenience and security our onsite document destruction service offers in New Brunswick NJ.  We can be at your home or business Monday to Saturday to shred your documents. Just give us a call today to make your appointment as soon as tomorrow.

Document Shredding Appointments Monday – Saturday

Give our office a call so you can speak to one of our experienced customer service staff. We can give you a price quote right away and schedule your mobile services for any day Monday through Saturday in New Brunswick NJ.  We respect your time and we understand that many other obligations may require your attention. We provide next-day document destruction for you, or we can fit the secure shredding of your documents into your schedule, without disrupting it.

Mobile Paper Shredding in New Brunswick NJ

One of our fleet of document destruction trucks can visit you at your New Brunswick NJ home or office to destroy your documents. Taking your discarded documents to an office supply store or a mailbox location and just leaving them there can cause trouble in the long run because how do you know when they are shredded.  Be confident that your sensitive materials have been securely destroyed with onsite mobile document shredding. No other option is more secure than having your files destroyed right in front of you.

The Best Document Destruction Options in New Brunswick NJ

One-time Shredding & File Purges for Your Business

If you need to shred documents just once or from time to time, we offer our one-time or purge service.  Our one-time paper destruction service is available to businesses in New Brunswick NJ for any occasional need to securely dispose of business records.  We can take care of any size purge.  So whether you have just a few boxes of files or millions of records we can destroy them where they are with our one-time option.

Schedule Office Shredding Programs

Businesses and organizations in New Brunswick NJ are responsible for maintaining the security of the private information entrusted to them, even when documents are no longer needed and it is time to dispose of them.  Companies dispose of hundreds of pages containing sensitive information every day. We help you do that in compliance with Federal and State Privacy Laws with our ongoing service.  We provide your office with locked containers to be placed in convenient locations for your staff to deposit the documents until they are destroyed.  The frequency of our visits to your office to remove and shred the papers can be weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly intervals if that works best for you.  We can also offer you a custom schedule if that’s what you need.

Residential Document Shredding

You know when you have had enough with all those piles of personal papers you have at home.  But what do you do with them?  If you’re thinking of just tossing them in the trash STOP, you’re making your private information available to be stolen.  Instead, have our residential shredding service come to your New Brunswick NJ home to destroy all your files so that it does not happen.  It easy and it all takes place at your home any day you want but Sunday.

Document Shredding Helps the Environment

Document shredding is not only good for protecting private information. It is also great for the environment.  Every document we shred is recycled into other paper products.  When shredded documents are recycled it reduces the need to harvest trees, drastically helping our planet where it needs it the most.  Every ton of shredded paper that is recycled saves 17 trees.

We are waiting to assist you with your shredding needs so give Time Shred a call!