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Document Shredding Services in Parlin, NJ

Choosing the best document shredding service in Parlin NJ is easier than you think.  Even though there are many choices available for businesses and residents Time Shred Services should be your choice instead of any other shredding company? The reason is easy because Time Shred is not like any other company! We build our shredding service around the individual needs of each customer and we make shredding simple.

The helpful staff at Time Shred is always available to help you.  To start shredding all it takes is just one telephone call. Then the only thing you have to do is decide which day you need your documents shredded. Time Shred provides next day shredding services Monday through Saturday in Parlin NJ.

For a One-Time Shredding Need

Both residents and businesses of  Parlin NJ that have a onetime or infrequent paper shredding need can use our one-time document shredding service. Over the years, old files can take up a significant amount of space at your home or in your office. When you need to dispose of these documents sesurely and swiftly to free up some space, Time Shred’s one-time document shredding service is the answer. This choice is best for those who want a one-time purge or simply have an infrequent need to destroy documents in Parlin NJ.

Shredding on a Regular Basis

When it comes to Parlin NJ businesses, law firms, healthcare providers, non-profits and organizations, paper shredding needs are more complicated. Business documents contain private information that is under the protection of federal and state privacy laws. Every business receives and creates documents every day and some of those documents need to be discarded every day.  Don’t just throw them away, it puts your clients, employees and your business at rick with identity thieves.  When documents are not needed anymore they must be shredded.

Scheduled shredding service is what you need: Time Shred makes sure that there is no private information leakage by destroying unwanted documents. We will provide secure shredding containers to deposit and store those sensitive documents in until they are shredded. Our shredding containers are provided at no extra charge and come in a number of sizes to accommodate any office layout.

The frequency of our visits is entirely up to you! You can schedule weekly or monthly visits, or you can contact us, so we can choose a custom plan tailored to your needs.

On-Site Document Shredding

When we arrive at your Parlin NJ business or home, you only need to sit back and watch us shred your documents! First, our professional shredding technician will introduce himself and show you his/her picture ID badge. All of our staff are professionally trained and undergo background checks and are drug tested.

Then, our shredding technician will place your documents into our shredding bin under your directions. The bin holds about 300 pounds of paper. After the bin is secured, it will be moved to the shredding truck right outside your front door. After that, the paper shredding truck’s automated system will take over: it will lift the bin and empty your document directly into the shredder.  You can even watch the entire process including the shredding of your documents via the CCTV system on every one of our shredding trucks.

Time Shred is your best choice when it is time to choosing a document shredding company.  We look forward to showing you why.  Call Time Shred today and you could be shredding tomorrow.