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Document Shredding Services in Perth Amboy, NJ

Welcome to an easy way to have your documents shredded right onsite at your Perth Amboy home or business.  Meet Time Shred Services.

Earning and keeping your trust is never easy work. Our objective here at Time Shred, is to become your first choice when it comes to paper shredding services in Perth Amboy NJ.

We know that communication is key when it comes to choosing the right document shredding service, so we are always trying hard to earn your shredding business and trust. We do this by making the shredding process appealing and user-friendly to each and every one of our customers; from the first time we speak with you right up to the shredding of your documents.

Scheduled Shredding or One Time Shredding

Whether you require our document and paper shredding for one time or as a recurring service, we can help you!  Our one-time document shredding service is available to all businesses and residents of Perth Amboy NJ for the occasional shredding need. This choice is best for those who need our services sporadically.

We recommend that businesses opt for our scheduled shredding services. Business documents contain private information that Federal and State privacy laws require they be shredded before they are disposed of. An average business accumulates hundreds to thousands of pounds in paperwork over the course of the year. Documents lying around unguarded not only takes up space but can potentially be the source of security leaks.

Our scheduled shredding service offers you security and peace of mind.  With Time Shred, you can have your soon-to-be shredded documents secured in specially designed containers, until the next scheduled shreddine. The process is simple and efficient: Time Shred comes to your Perth Amboy NJ office on a schedule that meets your needs.

The process is simple, your discarded documents that are accumulated and securely stored in one of our shredding containers will be moved out by our trained technicians, to the shredding truck that will be waiting outside. The shredding containers are provided for you by us free of charge, so you can have a place to store your documents until your next shredding service.

Our service runs at weekly, bi-weekly or monthly intervals. However, we are always happy to work with you to determine the best shredding schedule for your office.

Document Shredding Monday – Saturday

Time Shred meets your scheduling requirements by working six days a week from Monday to Saturday.  In Perth Amboy NJ both businesses and residents can schedule their document shredding services for any day that is best for them.

We value our customer’s time and we respect your responsibilities, so we work around your schedule.  Our “next day document destruction services” makes sure that you are able to fit document shredding into your schedule. We are not a shredding company telling you when they are available. Communication is the cornerstone of our success!

Document Shredding: A Green Solution

Document shredding is not only good for protecting sensitive information from prying eyes: we make sure that shredded documents are properly recycled to be reiterated as other paper products.

At Time Shred, we are dedicated of helping the environment along with your business. Recycling paper saves more oxygen producing trees and with our joined efforts, the earth can breathe a little easier! It is estimated that every ton of shredded paper that is recycled, saves 17 trees.

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Contact Time Shred today and get informed about the wide range of our services so you can choose an option that is suitable for you!