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Document Shredding & Paper Shredding is easy in Port Reading, NJ

In Port Reading NJ you can have document shredding on your terms.  That means you can contact Time Shred Services today and have your documents shredded at your location as soon as tomorrow.

We have a team of shredding experts ready to answer your questions and explain our shredding services because this may be the first time you are looking for paper shredding services or you’re looking for a shredding company that would better meet your requirements.  We also help you determine how much you have to shred so we can give you a quote.  Our quotes are straight forward and you won’t have any surprise extra charges when we are done.  On the same call you will also be able to schedule your shredding service.

Document shredding is the protection of information for businesses and individual residents of Port Reading NJ.  Time Shred services provides paper shredding services in the Port reading NJ area to individual residents, businesses, healthcare providers, government offices, , financial institutions, accounting firms, insurance companies, law firms and non-profit organizations. We are an on-site shredding service so all of your document s are securely shredded at your Port Reading location.

Shred Tomorrow in Port Reading NJ

That’s right with one call to Time Shred and you could have your paper documents shredded as soon as tomorrow.    You choose the day.  We shred Monday through Saturday so pick the best day for you.

On-Site Shredding

Time Shred is a mobile shredding service that means we come to your Port Reading NJ location with one of state of the art paper shredding trucks that have the ability to shred up to 6,000 pounds of paper per hour.   Our shredding service is fast and your documents are shredded before we leave your Port Reading location.  When Time Shred arrives your documents are placed into a shredding bin and the bin is then sealed to secure your documents.  The shredding bin is then taken directly to our paper shredding truck where the mechanical shredding system lifts the bin and empties your documents into the industrial shredder.  Your documents are completely shredded and you can see your documents being shredded with the monitor installed on the side of the shredding truck.

One-Time Shredding or Schedule Shredding

If you have a single or less frequent document shredding need then our one-time paper shredding service is what you are looking for.  It is document shredding only when you need it.  If you need shredding on a regular basis or schedule document shredding service is for you.  We offer weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks and monthly scheduling options.  We work with you to determine the best schedule for you.  We also provide you with shredding containers to deposit and hold your documents in until your next scheduled shredding date.

Shredding is Good for the Environment

Document shredding also protects the environment because all of the documents we shred are recycled into other paper products.  Every ton of paper we shred saves 17 trees.

Give Time Shred a call we are ready to help you securely and professionally shred your private documents and files.