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On-Site Document Shredding in Plainsboro, NJ

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Get Your Shredding Taken Care Of With One Call

Having your document shredded in Plainsboro NJ as soon as tomorrow is just a telephone call away.  Just call Time Shred Services and our shredding experts will explain our paper shredding services, ask you the right questions to determine how much you have to shred, give you a fair quote and even schedule your shredding service.  All that with just one telephone call.

Document Shredding Services Six Days a Week in Plainsboro NJ

Every resident and business in Plainsboro NJ is unique, with different hours and different needs. This requires flexible scheduling on our part to make sure that your paper shredding requirements are being met, without disrupting your busy schedule. Our experts in document shredding are available and on-call Monday through Saturday, which makes it easier for you to fit this important task into your busy schedule. Call Time Shred now for a one-time shredding need or create a schedule of paper shredding visits on an ongoing basis that meet the exact needs.

On-Site Paper Shredding in Plainsboro NJ

There is a level of risk involved in removing documents from your location before they have been shredded. Not to mention how time-consuming it can be to carry those papers to a mailbox retailer or office supply store. Skip the middle man and have the job done on-site, right inside one of our state-of-the-art paper shredding trucks. Documents are destroyed on your property, allowing you to see with your own eyes that the information they contain is no longer available. Residents are better protected and business owners in Plainsboro NJ are able to offer their clients better security when they choose a paper shredding company that is coming to them.

One-Time Paper Shredding and File Purging

Plainsboro NJ businesses may not need frequent paper shredding. For them, we offer one-time document shredding services, usually the next day after you call. One-time paper shredding is available at your office or any business location that suddenly finds itself swimming in unwanted documents. Our methods are fast and safe, allowing you to get rid of those stacks of paper or boxes of files and move on to your next project. Call us now if there is a pile of papers that you want to dispose of securely.

Ongoing Document Shredding Programs

When you need to dispose of documents on a regular basis you need scheduled document shredding services.   We provide secure collection containers to be placed in your offices so your staff can deposit documents that are no longer needed and they are securely stored until they are shredded.  We work with you to set up a consistent shredding schedule such as weekly or monthly that works for your company.

Residential Shredding Services

You are inviting trouble if you just toss personal papers and files in the trash.  When that garbage can or recycle bin is put out for collection it is available to anyone to look through.  Stop your private information from getting into the wrong hands by having them securely destroyed.  Our residential shredding service will come to your home to destroy all those old tax records, medical files, and any other personal documents you want to get rid of.  Our service, that comes, right to your residence to shred documents Monday to Saturday.

Choose the Shredding Company that Makes Saving the Environment a Priority

With Time Shred, you will find that not only are we committed to protecting your integrity, but we have also made a promise to safeguard our environment. We recycle the by-product of our paper shredding processes, using it to make other paper products. With just one ton of paper being shredded by us, 17 trees can be saved from being cut down. This means a lot to our planet, and you can make your own contribution by choosing to partner with our shredding team in Plainsboro NJ.

Call Time Shred Now

Protect your personal information and that of your business by calling Time Shred services today. Our document shredding services ensure that no piece of sensitive paper will ever be found in the wrong hands.