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Shredding Services in East Rockaway

We bring document shredding and convenience together.

What could be more convenient than having your documents shredded at your home or office.  It eliminates you having to load heavy boxes into a car and bring them to some location.  It’s more secure because your documents are destroyed at your location for you to witness.

A Call Gets You Shredding

When you call our office our helpful staff answers the telephone not some machine that makes you press number after number.  They will offer all of the assistance you need to make an informed decision from answering your questions, explaining our services, giving you a quote and scheduling your appointment.

You Pick the Day

Need to shred your documents next Tuesday, how about on Saturday?  No problem, with Time Shred Services you choose the day, that means any day Monday through Saturday we need just one day notice.

About Us

Time Shred is East Rockaway’s best secure shredding company, handling the needs of all types of customers with friendly, responsive service. We are proud to serve individual residents, small businesses, nonprofits, corporations, and government offices alike with our powerful on-site shredding capabilities. From helping a local resident shred one box of old bank statements securely to ensuring a large corporation is safely disposing of thousands of pounds of paper records, Time Shred does it all.

Who Should Shred?

Everyone! From residents to business owners, there’s no one here in East Rockaway who wouldn’t benefit from choosing Time Shred as their trusted document destruction company. Whether it’s helping commercial clients, nonprofits, and institutions maintain compliance with data protection regulations or assisting our clients in protecting themselves from identity theft, our team can handle it. Even if you’re just cleaning out your closets at your home or office, we’re happy to help you clear out some extra storage space.

We Service Big and Small Jobs

Even though Time Shred is equally capable of serving individual residents, large corporations, and everyone in between, not every client will have the same level of need. We’ve helped homeowners shred everything from a few pages to hundreds of pounds of old bank statements quickly and securely. Our commercial clients might only shred a box or two of papers per week, but we’ve also shredded many tons of documents in just a few short hours. Regardless of the type of client or the size of their shredding requirements, the Time Shred team can get the job done for you.

Get Security from Identity Theft

As our economy has become more global information is everywhere, so too have the risks of identity theft grown. At this point, just about everyone is familiar with the perils of identity theft, but many still don’t understand everything that can be done to avoid it. In fact, shredding your paper records can go a long way toward keeping you safe, because all it takes is one page of your sensitive document falling into the wrong hands. Don’t let someone rummaging through your trash clean you out and ruin your credit or your business!  Rely on Time Shred for the secure shredding of your paper files and documents.

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