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Document Shredding in Elmont NY for Residents & Businesses

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Having Your Documents Shredded at Your Location Just Got Easier.

It’s true all you have to do is give Time Shred Services a call.  Our experienced staff is available to take your call and help you with every aspect of your shredding project in Elmont NY from explaining our services to giving you a quote and getting your job on the calendar for as soon as tomorrow.

Paper Shredding Appointments As Soon As Tomorrow

We provide our paper shredding services Monday through Saturday and we only require a days-notice.  That means you can choose the best day for you and it could be tomorrow if you need to have your documents destroyed that quickly.

On-site Shredding Is Your Most Secure Option

Time Shred has been servicing the onsite paper shredding and document destruction needs of residents, businesses, and professionals of all types throughout the Elmont area for many years. Operating out of Nassau County, our team of skilled technicians, drive our cutting-edge mobile paper destruction trucks directly to our customers’ locations for the immediate on-site destruction of their papers and files.  The first thing we do when we arrive at your Elmont NY location is to place your files into one of our bins and it will be locked.  The sealed bin is then rolled to our truck where it will be securely lifted and emptied into the industrial shredder and all of the papers will be destroyed.  Each truck has a viewing screen that will allow you to see your documents being cut into small unreadable particles.

Pick A Great Option To Shred Your Documents in Elmont NY

One-time Shredding & File Purge

The ability to call to have your confidential company files destroyed anytime you need it in Elmont NY is what our one-time service offers.  It allows our commercial clients to call for our onsite service when they need it.  You’re not committed to a minimum number of visits it could be just once if that is all you need.  So if you have decided to get rid of those old files at work give us a call to set up your appointment for our one-time shredding service.

Scheduled Office Shredding

If you see your staff putting documents in a wastebasket next to their desk you need our scheduled shredding service.  It helps you dispose of business records in a secure manner and be compliant with privacy laws.  To make a document disposal program more effective we supply our locked containers to be maintained in your Elmont NY office so your staff will always have a secure place to discard any papers.  We will then come to your location on a regular schedule to empty and shred the containers.  You can have a schedule that is weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks or monthly.

Residential Document Shredding

Our residential shredding service is available to come to your home to destroy your personal papers on any date you want Monday through Saturday.  It’s never been more important for you to protect your private information with the continual growth in identity theft.  Documents being thrown away in the regular trash or in with the recyclables is the greatest source of information for these thieves.   The best way to prevent becoming a victim is with our home document destruction service.  Set up an appointment in Elmont NY today.

Here’s Why You Should Choose Time Shred

  • We are a locally owned Long Island company.
  • Get a quote and an appointment on your first call.
  • Next-day appointments six days a week.
  • We don’t have extra surcharges.
  • All shredding is performed at your Elmont NY home or office.
  • We have the most advanced fleet of powerful paper destruction trucks.
  • You can trust Time Shred all our staff are background checked and drug tested annually.
  • We are NAID AAA Certified which means we exceed the highest standards for shredding companies.

Free Up Space at Home or Office

Hard-copy paper documents can take up a lot of space, whether it’s a closet or two, a filing cabinet, your home’s garage, a storage unit, an office, a warehouse, or others. Whether you’re an Elmont resident or business owner, just imagine how much space you could free up by destroying your old, outdated records. Not only will you gain peace of mind that your sensitive information will not fall into the wrong hands, you’ll have more room to live and work as well.

Identity Theft Risks

It’s no secret that identity theft poses a significant risk to every resident and business in the Elmont area. The easiest, most reliable thing you can do to lower the chances your identity is stolen is to rely on our secure mobile paper shredding service. Whether it’s in your home or at your business, you most likely possess documents that could spell trouble if they fall into the wrong hands, so don’t delay, and don’t cut corners. A lot of times, a store-bought paper shredder won’t do a good enough job, and it can take hours or days to shred what we can destroy easily in minutes. Rather than risk losing everything, just call on Time Shred for the secure destruction of your documents.

Paper Shredding Near Me Elmont NY

Supporting local businesses feels rewarding. It also boosts the local economy as most of the money stays within the community. For professional document shredding services, you can rely on Time Shred Services, a local company based on Long Island. Since 2006, they have been serving the residents and businesses in Elmont, NY.

Ready to shred your sensitive documents? Contact us today for a free quote!