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Shredding Services in Farmingdale, NY

Take the guesswork out of having your documents securely shredded by making one call to Time Shred Services.

Having your documents destroyed is amazingly easy with Time Shred.  We have a team that has years of experience just waiting to help you.  Your call to us will allow you to get all the information you will need to choose the right document destruction service for you.  We will also be able to give you a quote and set up your appointment.  You will be amazed at how much we can get done for you with just one telephone call.

Time Shred  is the best shredding company and mobile shredding service for residents and businesses that are located in Farmingdale.   We are highly experienced in serving customers throughout the Farmingdale area with our advanced paper shredding trucks, available for prompt dispatch and next-day service in most cases. Whether you need your legal or medical documents shredded, outdated insurance documents shredding, or even secure computer hard-drive destruction, Time Shred is your best partner in the Farmingdale area.

Why Shred?

You have to protect private information.  Whether you’re a business, an organization or an individual, there’s truly no one in the Farmingdale that doesn’t need our secure onsite shredding services.  More documents than you can imagine have information on them that privacy laws require they be shredded before they are trashed.  Play it safe and shred every document before they are thrown away. No matter what your secure shredding and document destruction needs, Time Shred is the best onsite shredding service available in the region. We are here to handle everything from a single to an ongoing need, and there are many reasons why our customers choose us to securely destroy their important papers.

For Legal Purposes

Depending on what industry you’re in or service, there are a various state and federal privacy laws that govern how sensitive documents of all types must be disposed of. Any Farmingdale area business handling medical, legal, financial, or insurance documents, or any other private or sensitive information, must comply with these privacy laws and destroy their documents using secure shredding services from Time Shred.

Residential & Commercial Shredding

Whether you have a home, garage, storage vault, file room, or warehouse filled with old documents, there’s no amount of paper shredding too large or too small for us to handle. Our industrial paper shredding trucks can securely shred up to 6,000 pounds of documents per hour, so we can shred in minutes what would take you forever to accomplish with a personal shredder.  We’ll even come directly to your location in Farmingdale, be it your home or your place of business, and we’re able of providing next-day service Monday – Saturday.

Avoid Identity Theft

Here in the Farmingdale area, identity theft can affect everyone. Every year, more and more residents and businesses fall victim to identity theft, but there’s an easy way to help prevent it: shredding your sensitive documents with Time Shred. Every home and business in Farmingdale has documents with sensitive information printed on them, so we all have to make every effort to keep personal information from falling into the wrong hands. We’ll come to you and destroy you files so you can be confident that your documents have been shredded in the most secure way.  Don’t leave your personal data to chance.

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