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Floral Park, NY Shredding Services

Need a convenient, secure and reliable way to shred your personal or business files in Floral Park? Time Shred is the answer. All shredding is done at your Floral Park home or office. So whether you are a resident or business in Floral Park, give us a call today and you could be shredding tomorrow.

How to Get Started With Your Paper Shredding Service

  1. Contact us and one of our experienced staff we will ask you the right questions to determine what document shredding services would be best for you and how much you will have to shred. We will then be able to give you a quote and schedule your document shredding service. Since we offer our services Monday through Saturday you can choose the day that is best for your schedule.
  2. Identify what documents need to be shredded. You can put them in boxes, garbage bags or any container of your choosing. There is not much more preparation than that. You can leave paper clips, staples, rubber bands, binder clips and three ring binders up to one inch thick our industrial shredder will tear through them all.
  3. Our mobile paper shredding truck arrives at your Floral Park office or residence and our shredding technician will put your documents into our security bins. The bin is then locked and moved to our truck and destroyed right there. A complete bin that holds about 300 pounds of documents is shredded in a matter of minutes.

Document Shredding Service Options

One Time/ Purge Document Shredding Service: For our customers that have an infrequent document shredding need we offer our One-time or Purge service. Document destruction only when you need it, call us today and you can schedule your mobile shredding service for tomorrow.

Schedule Document Shredding Service: If you have a more frequent need, our Scheduled Shredding service is for you. We provide locking containers in different sizes to be keep in your offices for you to hold your documents in until they are shredded. We then come to your location at a schedule that works for you, daily, weekly, bi-monthly, every four weeks or monthly.  Your schedule can always be adjusted if your needs change.

Shredding Helps the Environment

100% of the documents we shred get recycled and are used to make other paper products like paper towels. Every ton of paper we shred saves 17 trees.

Call Time Shred today so we can hlp you start shredding your documents right away.