Secure Professional Shredding Services for Manhattan, New York City, Long Island, Westchester and New Jersey

Freeport, NY Document Shredding

We are an onsite document shredding company that offers residents and businesses one-time and ongoing document destruction services that is performed on the date you choose and where you need it done.

How to Get Started

It is very easy to start shredding right away with Time Shred.  Your call to one of our customer service staff gets the ball rolling.  We provide you with detailed information about our services and how they work.  We then will ask you a series of questions to ascertain how much you have to shred.  Now we can give you a quote that we keep very simple and straight forward. If it all sounds good to you then you can set up your appointment.   You can schedule you appointment for as soon as tomorrow and we shred any day you want Monday through Saturday.

A Variety of Services

Time Shred is the best shredding company in Freeport, offering shred services like one-time, scheduled, legal & HIPAA shredding, hard drive destruction and community shredding events. As a local shredding company, Time Shred serves many of the Nassau county area towns with various document destruction services. We work with businesses in all professions such as legal, medical, banking, retail and government offices to provide trusted document shredding services.

Who Needs Shredding?

There isn’t a resident, business, school or organization of any kind that does not need paper shredding services in Freeport.  Number one, State and Federal laws require that any document containing personal or private information must be shredded before it is thrown away. And, number two, to protect private and personal information from getting into the wrong hands it must be shredded. So, residents, companies and organizations in Freeport need document destruction services to prevent identity theft and be compliant with federal and state laws concerning information disposal. Time Shred gives you peace of mind because all document shredding takes place at your location. Document destruction with Time Shred solves the problem of what to do with sensitive papers, and ensures security every step of the way.

Document Shredding | For Residential & Commercial

Is your home or office in Freeport full of papers and files containing private and confidential information that you need to dispose of?  Time Shred will come to your location to securely shred your documents. From medical records and financial files or any documents with personal information Time Shred will make sure your private information doesn’t get into the wrong hands. On-site document shredding is the best way to securely dispose of private documents and files.

Identity Theft Prevention | Paper Shredding

Identity theft is a very real problem and paper shredding with Time Shred is a simple, convenient way to prevent it. Residents, corporations and organization of Freeport handle hundreds, sometimes thousands, of documents every day, and at least half of the documents contain personal information or information about patients, customers and employees. If this information is not shredded it could fall into the wrong hands, all of those people would be at risk for identity theft. Shredding on your own with a personal or in office shredder is a time-consuming job, and often requires a lot of time. Our industrial paper shredding trucks shred in minutes what would take you hours or even days to complete.

Are there Different Shredding Services?

Yes, One-Time or Scheduled shredding services.

One-time Shredding – For a single or infrequent shredding need we offer our one time service that allows you to order paper shredding only when you need.

Scheduled Shredding – When you need to shred documents regularly our scheduled service will work best for you.  We provide secure shredding containers to deposit your document in until they are shredded. You can choose weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks or monthly scheduling.  Remember that a consistent schedule is more successful.

Time Shred is ready to help you with your document shredding needs, call us today.