Secure Professional Shredding Services for Manhattan, New York City, Long Island, Westchester and New Jersey

Shredding Services in Garden City, NY

Time Shred is a Garden City document shredding company that is dedicated to both our commercial shredding clients and our residential shredding clients. We work with both by providing them the convenient document shredding services that we bring right to their Garden City home or office.  One of our paper shredding trucks will arrive at your Garden City location and all of your documents will be shredded on-site before the paper shredding truck pulls away.  We do all the work, you don’t have to lift a finger when it comes to document destruction other than to gather what you want shredded.

Just Give Time Shred a Call

It sounds easy and it is with Time Shred.  We have experienced shredding professionals waiting to help you with your shredding project.  With one call we will explain how our shredding services work, give you a price and also set up your document shredding appointment.  No waiting for return calls do it all with one call to Time Shred Services.

Do I Really Need Document Destruction?

If you are thinking about throwing any documents away you need to be cautious, they may have sensitive information on them.  Half of all documents have information on them that privacy laws require they are shredded before they are disposed of.  Paper shredding services ensures that your information is protected. Even if the information is old, someone could still steal it from a trach container and put your security at risk. By having them shredded it will not be in the trash for anyone to have access to.

But I’m Not A Business

That’s all right with Time Shred. We provide Garden City document shredding to anyone who needs it. Residential shredding can be used to eliminate old tax information and even pay stubs that are no longer needed. You should not throw this sensitive information away, but you may not want to keep it in your home forever. Residential shredding allows you to safely get rid of these documents.

Is It A Hassle?

No, our document shredding services actually makes your life easier instead of giving you unnecessary stress. We provide our document destruction services right at your Garden City home or business. We come to you with one of our paper shredding trucks and our uniformed shredding technician will do all the work under your direction. We will put all of your identified documents into a secure shredding bin that will be locked so your documents can be securely moved to the shredding truck. The paper shredding truck will then lift the shredding bin and empty your documents directly in the shredder and they will be shredded. We even invite you to watch us shred your documents on our truck’s monitors.

One-time Shredding

You can use our professional onsite shredding services even if you just need us once.  Many businesses and residents don’t need to shred documents on a regular basis.  Our one-time document destruction service is shredding only when you have a need for it.  So whatever the reason, moving, annual file purge or you just need to get rid of documents you no longer need, give us a call.

Schedule Shredding Services

When you need to shred on an ongoing basis Time Shred has the answer, our schedule shredding services.  We provide you with shredding containers to hold your documents in and then we come at a scheduled time to empty the shredding containers and shred your documents.  You can have weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks or a monthly shredding schedule.

If you have decided that you need our shredding services, give us a call today to set up an appointment and get started. Checks, cash and credit cards are accepted.