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Shredding Services in Hempstead, NY

When you are in need of shredding services in Hempstead, you may be questioning which choice is best for you. It’s the one that meets your specific needs.  Your needs may be you require shredding on a specific day or you need to shred documents on a regular basis.

If you are interested in paper shredding services, you can use Time Shred to get those services. Choosing Time Shred will give you many benefits. We offer you the options that will allow you to have commercial document destruction as well as residential shredding services done any day you choose Monday through Saturday.

We Can Handle It

Do you have one box or one thousand boxes of papers that need to be shredded? We can handle either one. Even if your business is on a high floor, we can help you. We handle stairs, small buildings and residential properties. No matter what your document shredding needs are, we will be able to handle it for you. The only time you’ll have to lift a finger is when you are choosing the documents that you need us to destroy.

We Come To You

If you don’t want the hassle of having to travel to an office supply store, a mailbox center or a shredding-specific location, we will come right to your door. We offer our services on our truck and will do it right in front of your business or home. You will be able to watch to ensure your documents get shredded with a camera system that allows you to see it as it happens.

We Offer A Guarantee

Our certificate of destruction is exactly what you need to be sure that your documents have been shredded and are completely destroyed. There are many companies who will offer Hempstead document shredding, but we always make sure that we offer the guarantee of destruction in the form of a certificate. Make sure that your documents are truly shredded by using our paper shredding services.

Shredding Options

Every customer is unique and has different needs when it comes to how and when they securely dispose of private documents.   That is why we offer one-time and schedule shredding services.  Our one time service is for any occasional document destruction need.  It is available only when you have documents to shred.

Our scheduled service is for customers that need to securely dispose of documents on a regular basis.  You schedule can be daily to monthly or anything in between.  To make it easier we provide locking containers to hold the documents in until your shredding service.

Green Shredding

There are just some services that are a win, win scenario.   Shredding is one of them.  Having your documents destroyed by Time Shred protects your private information.  It also protects the environment because all of the paper we shred is used to make other paper products.  Just one ton of shredded paper saves 17 trees.

Feel free to give us a call for any questions, prices or to set up an appointment. We will gladly accept your cash, check or credit card.