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Jericho NY Document Shredding Services

Jericho, NY Document Shredding Services

Having your documents securely shredded at your location on the day that you want is easier than you think, just call Time Shred Services.

There’s no more capable or trusted document destruction service in the Jericho area than Time Shred. We are proud to serve the secure paper shredding needs of individuals, businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies throughout Jericho and the surrounding area. Our powerful mobile shredding trucks can be dispatched with as little as one days- notice to any home or business in the area to provide up to 6,000 pounds per hour of paper shredding power right on-site. Trust our team if you have one box to shred or a building full of papers to destroy!

Reasons to Shred

No matter who you are, there are multiple reasons why you should consider calling Time Shred as your shredding service in the Jericho area. First, you have an obligation to yourself and if you are a business you have an obligation to your clients and employees to protect private information even if you are disposing of them.  We’re highly experienced in helping local companies maintain legal compliance with various regulations governing the destruction of sensitive records. We also assist individuals and businesses with avoiding the risks of identity theft. Whether you’re a resident with a shoebox of receipts to shred or a company with a warehouse full of papers you can rely on our expert team for fast, friendly, and secure destruction services.

Compliance with Regulations

There are a variety of state and federal privacy laws which require businesses to shred their paper records securely before they are thrown away. Insurance companies, attorneys, healthcare providers, financial institutions and many other types of organizations must destroy their files regularly to maintain compliance or face stiff penalties and possibly subjecting their customers to the risk of identity theft. Time Shred is an expert with helping our Jericho area clients comply with their legal shredding requirements that meet the highest security standards and give them peace of mind.

What to Shred

EVERYTHING!  Not many people realize how many different types of documents contain enough information on them for an identity thief to use for the own benefit and your detriment.  So the safest and best course of action is to shred everything to play it safe.  This way you don’t have to decide what should and should not be shredded and eliminate the possibility of making a mistake.

How to Get Ready

All you have to do is decide what documents you don’t need any more and separate them from documents you want to keep.  They can be in boxes, garbage bags or any container that is convenient for you.  You don’t have to remove staples, paper clips or rubber bands our industrial shredders will destroy them.

One-time of Scheduled Document Shredding

We offer two main types of services.  The first option is onetime shredding.  This is for anyone or any business that has an occasional need to destroy documents.  We come to you to shred your documents only when you have a need for it.  Our second option is scheduled service.  This is when you need to shred document on a regular basis such as weekly or monthly.  We supply our scheduled shredding customers with locking containers to keep at their location to store the documents in until we arrive at their scheduled time to shred the documents.

Want to make Time Shred your shredding service? Fill out the form below or call us at (516) 690-8999.  We’ll get you a quote quickly and set your appointment right away.