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On-site Paper Shredding in Port Washington NY for Home & Work

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We Can Shred Tomorrow At Your Port Washington NY Location

You don’t have to leave your Port Washington NY home or office to have your documents professionally shredded, we’ll come to you.  Time Shred is an onsite shredding service that will come to you Monday through Saturday to destroy your confidential records.  Just give us a call and we will give you a quote and schedule your appointment right over the phone.  We make it that easy to start shredding.  If you’re not sure which shredding service you need we will be happy to explain your options and make a recommendation.

On-site Paper Shredding in Port Washington NY

Whether you need professional shredding services at home or in the office it is comforting to know that you can have it done at your Port Washington NY location when you want it with Time Shred Services.  The tools of our trade are our trucks.  Our trucks have been made specifically to destroy documents.  They are all equipped with the most powerful shredders in the industry and can destroy 6,000 pounds of paper per hour.  Because they are so strong you don’t have to open envelopes, separate files, or remove staples, paper clips and binder clips our blades will cut right through them.  On the day of your appointment our truck will pull up in front of your home or business and all of the papers you want to be destroyed will be placed in a bin that holds 300 pounds of paper and it will be locked.  The bin will be taken to the trucks where an automatic system will raise the bin and empty it into the shredder and all of the files inside will be destroyed.

Superior Choices for Destroying Documents in Port Washington NY

One-time Shredding for Your Business

Does your business have a stockpile of old corporate records or sensitive information on documents that need to be shredded? Is your file room busting at the seams and you need to make room? Do you have an offsite record storage facility with documents that have passed their retention period?  For these reasons and many more, we offer our flexible one-time document destruction services to assist you with eliminating these files any time you need to.  You can make an appointment for a single occasion or as often as you need.  We are happy to come to your Port Washington NY office on an as-needed basis.

Scheduled Shredding For All Types of Offices

A data breach can have devastating consequences to any business and most data breaches occur from papers thrown away in the trash.  Our scheduled shredding service will prevent this because you will no longer be putting documents in the garbage but instead placing them in locked containers that we provide at no charge.  Our security bins and consoles will be placed in a location so all of your staff will be able to use them.  We will then come to your Port Washington NY location on an ongoing schedule to unlock, remove, and destroy the papers that were deposited.  Schedules can be weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks, or monthly.

Residential Shredding – We Shred At Your Home

Every piece of paper you have at home with any of your personal information on them has the potential of causing your identity to be stolen.  Most identity theft is the result of putting private records in the trash.  Don’t let this happen to you destroy any of the files you have at home that you don’t need anymore with our residential shredding service.  We will come to your Port Washington NY home and shred your papers right in front of you so you will have the comfort in knowing that your information can no longer be seen by anyone.  Our at-home service is available Monday through Saturday.

Shredding Near Me Port Washington NY

Do you prefer to shop with local businesses in your community?  Local businesses offer unique products and personalized services that are not available in larger national providers which makes for a much better buying experience.  Time Shred Services is a local document destruction company that was founded and is based right here on Long Island.  We have been shredding the confidential documents of the residents and businesses of Port Washington NY since we started in 2006.

The More You Know The More You’ll Like Us

  • We are a local business based here on Long Island.
  • The communities we serve are our neighbors and friends.
  • You can have a quote and an appointment on your first call to our company.
  • You can see your papers being shredded because we complete the job at your Port Washington NY location.
  • If your documents up or downstairs no problem we do all the work for you.
  • Our trucks work fast, they can shred 6,000 pounds of paper per hour.
  • Our staff is well trained, background checked and drug tested annually.
  • We are NAID AAA Certified which means we exceed the highest standards in the industry.

For more information or to schedule an appointment right away give Time Shred Services a call.