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Residential & Business Shredding in West Hempstead NY

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Have Your Papers Shredded Tomorrow at Your West Hempstead NY Location

If you call Time Shred today you could have one of our industrial paper shredding trucks at your West Hempstead NY location on Long Island destroying your private files tomorrow.  We are ready to help so give us a call.  You’ll get all the information you need with a great and reasonable quote.  The last thing you have to do is tell us what day you want us to come to your West Hempstead home or office.

You Tell Us When You Want Your On-Site Shredding Appointment

You pick the date to have our shredding truck come to your home or office in West Hempstead NY to destroy your confidential records.  We are available to service our client’s document destruction needs Monday through Saturday in West Hempstead NY with as little as one day’s notice.  If you have an emergency we may be able to come on the same day but we can’t guarantee it.

Shredding At Your Location Is More Secure

Our fleet of paper shredding trucks is what gives us the ability to go to our customer’s locations.  That means all of your information is destroyed onsite for you to witness.   No other service that destroys your private files and papers is more secure and convenient.   Don’t take your heavy documents anywhere instead let us come to you.

The Best Options To Shred Your Documents in West Hempstead NY

One-time Business Shredding & Document Purges

If your office is looking more like a file room than an office and you just can’t take it anymore and you want to get your office back we can help.  If you have an offsite storage area with old boxes of records that you keep paying that monthly bill for and you don’t know why we can help.   For these and many other reasons, our one-time service is the solution.  We will come to shred your documents only when you have a need and call for it.  You may need us once or periodically during the year you have the option to order on-site document destruction anytime you want to in West Hempstead NY.

Scheduled Office Shredding Programs

Don’t make the mistake of putting business papers in the trash, you are violating privacy laws. You need our scheduled shredding service.  Since half of every document used in business has information on them that privacy laws require they are shredded before you throw them away, error on the side of caution, and shred everything.  Here is how we can help.  We provide you with locking bins or consoles to place your files in instead of putting them in an open waste basket.  We will supply you with enough containers so they can be placed in locations so all of your employees can use them.  We then come on a regular basis to empty the locked bins and consoles and destroy the papers, it’s that easy.  We offer shredding schedules that are weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and on-call in West Hempstead NY.

Residential Document Shredding

We bring our professional document destruction service right to your front door.  Our residential shredding service will come to your home and destroy all those old personal files like tax returns, pay stubs, medical records, and any other household files you don’t need or want anymore.  Our at-home service is more necessary than you realize because the majority of identity theft occurs from information being stolen from paper records.  Stop that from happening with our mobile residential service.  It is fast, it’s easy and you can have it on any date you want Monday through Saturday in West Hempstead NY.

NAID Certified Shredding

There is an easy way to determine if a shredding company exceeds the highest standards for security, professionalism, and service, just hire a AAA Certified company.  NAID, The National Association of Information Destruction is the governing body that sets the standards for document destruction.  They inspect and audit shredding companies and only those that exceed their high and strict standards receive the AAA Certification.  Time Shred is AAA Certified.

Shredding Service Near Me West Hempstead NY

Buying from a local company feels rewarding. It benefits the local economy as most of the money stays within the community. For document shredding needs, Time Shred Services, a Long Island-based company, is a great choice when you need a local document destruction company. We have been serving West Hempstead, NY since 2006.

Here’s Why Individuals And Businesses Prefer Us

  • We are a Long Island company that cares about the communities we serve.
  • When you’re looking for service you want a quote and appointment and we give it to you on the same call.
  • We come to your West Hempstead NY home or office to shred your documents
  • Don’t worry about lifting those heavy documents we’ll do it for you including carrying your documents up or downstairs.
  • Our trucks finish the job fast, they can shred 6,000 pounds of paper per hour.
  • Our staff is well trained, background checked and drug tested annually.
  • We are NAID AAA Certified which means we exceed the highest standards in the industry.

If your documents are sorted and ready to go, we can come tomorrow or when you are ready. We are available Monday through Saturday. We also accept credit cards, cash, and checks as forms of payment for your convenience.