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Shredding Process

Residential & Business Shredding Services in Blawenburg NJ

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Have Your Documents Shredded Right Away

When you need on-site document destruction services take advantage of our next-day service that is available six days a week. To get a quote and set up an appointment for us to come to your Blawenburg New Jersey home or office to shred your confidential papers just give Time Shred a call.

You Can Choose Your Document Destruction Date

Having your documents professionally shredded is not the only thing you have to do so we make it easy to fit it into your schedule. Our mobile document destruction service is available Monday through Saturday in Blawenburg NJ with the option to make an appointment as soon as tomorrow. To get pricing and set up a service day just give us a call.

How On-Site Shredding Works

On your service date, our document shredding truck will arrive at your Blawenburg NJ location. Our staff will place your papers and files in one of our bins. A bin is a plastic container on wheels with a security top. The bin will be locked and moved directly to our truck. At the truck, the bin will be emptied into the shredder and your papers completely destroyed. We invite you to our truck to witness your papers being shredded.

The Best Ways To Shred Documents in Blawenburg NJ

One Time Business Shredding

For companies that need occasional on-site document destruction services, our one-time purge service will work best for you. We dispatch our state-of-the-art document shredding trucks to any facility in Blawenburg NJ where you have business records to be destroyed along with our trained technicians that will properly destroy your critical documents without compromising the information’s security. We are happy to service your shredding needs as little or often as you would like.

Office Shredding Programs

We can help safeguard your company information on an ongoing basis with our scheduled shredding service. If your organization regularly needs to destroy documents containing sensitive or private information, then recurring shredding is right for you. Privacy laws dictate that this information be handled and disposed of in a secure manner. The best way to meet those requirements is to institute an ongoing document destruction program. Here is how it works. We supply locked collection containers to dispose of all documents in. Then on a regular schedule, we will come to your Blawenburg NJ office to remove the papers from each container and shred them. Your schedule can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Residential Paper Shredding

We happily service residential customers and provide them with the same level of confidentiality and security as our business customers. While home shredding machines seem convenient to use, their capacity is limited to just a few sheets of paper at a time and may require a lot of your time to complete the task. Rather than wasting your time shredding our Residential Shredding service will destroy in minutes what will take you hours or days to complete on your own. We are available to come to your Blawenburg NJ home to shred Monday through Saturday.

We are available to speak with you now so give us a call so we can help you with your document shredding needs.