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Get Your Documents Destroyed Right Away

We make on-site document destruction very easy. To get a quote and make an appointment for Time Shred to come to your Bound Brook New Jersey location to destroy your private papers just give us a call today.

Tell Us When You Want Us to Shred for You

One of the benefits of using Time Shred Services is your ability to choose the best date for you to have your documents destroyed. We offer our on-site shredding service Monday through Saturday with the option for you to make an appointment as soon as tomorrow. Just give us a call and we will provide you with a phone estimate and book your service date.

We Shred for You at Your Location

Time Shred provides mobile, on-site shredding services to businesses, organizations, government agencies, and consumers. That means we come to where your documents are to destroy them. When you select our mobile document destruction service, you’ll receive a greater level of security because all your confidential records are being destroyed on your premises while you watch.

Choose The Right Document Destruction Service

One-time Document Destruction for Businesses

We know that a lot of corporate clients have an irregular need for shredding services, which is why we offer One-Time Shredding Service to businesses in the Bound Brook, NJ area. One-time document destruction is sometimes referred to in the industry as purge shredding. A purge project is common when a company has an occasional need to shred business records. Good examples would be when a company with a file room that needs to make room by purging obsolete files or getting ready for an upcoming office move. We are available to shred your files on-site for any reason or frequency that your firm needs.

Recurring Scheduled Shredding Programs

To make document shredding automatic Time Shred offers customizable ongoing shredding services. We help local companies in Bound Brook New Jersey be compliant with the privacy law requirements to securely dispose of documents. By implementing a scheduled shredding service your day-to-day discarding of paper records, which often contain private information, will be secure and kept confidential until they are shredded. We supply locked collection containers to dispose of all documents in then on an automatic schedule we will arrive to remove and shred the deposited documents. We will work with you to determine the appropriate schedule for your company.

Residential Shredding in Bound Brook, NJ

With our residential shredding service, Time Shred will come right to your home and shred all the confidential documents you want to be destroyed while you watch. Our residential shredding pricing is easy and upfront. We do not add any additional fees or surcharges that other companies like to charge. We make It easy to make an appointment when it is most convenient for you. We offer our home shredding services Monday through Saturday.

Hard Drive Destruction

A hard drive is an electronic storage device in a computer that stores data. The only way to make sure a hard drive that is no longer needed can’t be accessed again is to remove it from the computer and have it physically destroyed. We will come to your location to shred or crush your hard drives and provide you with a certificate of destruction listing each hard drive destroyed by serial number.

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